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Nambiar Caste

Religion : Hindu

Varna : Kshatriya

Language : Malayalam

Regional Spread : Kerala in South India, primarily Kannur district

Traditional Occupation : Warrior

Food Habits : Most prefer non-vegetarian

Marriage Preference : With their community or within related communities

Related Communities : Nair or Nayar, Menon

Famous Personalities :Kunjan Nambiar (1705-1770 - Malayali poet), Vijay Nambiar IFS- India's permanent Representative to the UN, Satish Nambiar - Head of UN Forces in Kosovo, T. P. G. Nambiar- Founder BPL Group, K.P.P. Nambiar - founder Keltron, Tata Electronic Research and Development Labs

History and Origin :

Nambiar is the title of a Kshatriya caste from Kerala in South India. Nambiars were the traditional protectors of Namboothiris. They are considered to be of Arya or of Indo-Iranian origin, having migrated to Kerala with the Namboothiris from outside India. Their non-indigenous (non-Dravidian) origins are affirmed by their lighter complexion (and often lighter eye colours), sharper features and above all their distinctly different customs and traditions, which are in fact strikingly similar to North Indian and even Indo-Aryan customs and traditions. They share the same occupation that of a warrior and ruler as Nayars and thus they are classed as Nayars, although they are of a different race to the Nayars who some consider to be Dravidian in origin.

The Nambiars are as a warrior caste and are closely affiliated with the practice of Kalaripayattu - the earliest form of martial arts in India. Nambiars formed a significant role in the ruling of Kerala along with the Kurups and Parinayakars and other Nayar sub-castes.

Nambiars, as it is with other Nayar communities, belonged to certain clans known as Tharavads. For each group of towns, known as a Desom there would be one Nayar clan to rule over them. Kings (the Varmas/ Thampuran) would control many Desoms, and thus the Nayars served as ministers in the Raja's court to oversee the ruling of the land.