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Setting Wedding Budget

A significant part of wedding planning is the planning of the budget. Your wedding budget primarily depends on how much you want to spend and how much you can afford to spend without getting into debt. Wedding experts advice that one must set a realistic wedding budget according to one's status and affordability and should stick to it. Sometimes it has been seen that wedding expenditure becomes a source of disagreement for the bride and the groom. To make the wedding a truly happy occasion, it is important for the two parties to discuss each others financial constraints early.

Prioritize Wedding Expenses

Once you've finalized exactly how much money is available for your wedding, the next step is to divide the total into budget categories, such as the venue, reception, decoration, clothes, jewelry, gifts for relatives, transportation, pre-wedding functions etc. It is also advisable to set aside money for unforeseen expenses.

Division of Expenses

In the present age when the cost of organizing wedding has become considerable, it is a good idea to divide certain wedding expenses by the bride and groom's side. For instance, the cost of wedding reception could be divided, there can be a common photographer, common wedding invitation card etc

Shopping and Negotiating

Before giving advance for the booking, check existing prices in the market and bargain accordingly. Keep in mind your budget expenses before booking venue, caterers etc. A company may come highly recommended, but if they are outside your price range, let them know why you are going to have to choose another company. You may be surprised at how willing they will be to give you a better offer.

Use Creativity to Save Upon Cash

Doing things in your own special way is another way to stay under budget. Homemade invitations or making your own favors can greatly reduce the wedding cost, freeing up funds for other areas of the wedding. The idea is to not fall into the trap of viewing your budget as restrictive. Instead of thinking about what you can't afford, focus on how you can make your wedding and reception truly unique. This positive attitude will inspire you to organize a wonderful, memorable wedding regardless of your budget constraints.

Anticipate the Unforeseen

Keep in mind that there are bound to be snags along the way. If you somehow go over budget in one category, you will need to cut the budget in another area. It is important to stay aware of your budget and realize the ramifications of all your actions.

Make it a Wonderful Memory

It is important for both the wedding parties to manage marriage budget prudently. At no stage, they must allow budget issues to become the cause of emotional strain. Both the bride and groom should take initiative to maintain cordial relationship between the two families. This way, wedding will be fun for everyone, and give a happy start to the bride and groom as they embark on their journey together.