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Wedding Gift Ideas

While the thought behind a gift matters a lot, the fact remains that the gift matters just as much! Efforts must therefore be made to select that ideal wedding gift that aptly portrays love and warmth you share with that person. Given here are some ideal wedding gift ideas to inspire and encourage you. So read on to know about the Indian wedding gift ideas.


Jewelry is a traditional and much appreciated wedding gift in India. The best part of jewelry is that it is a wonderful keepsake. Some jewellery ideas include

  • - Gold and silver jewelry items like necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants, ring (if you are sure of the size), anklet and toe rings.
  • - You may also give gold or silver coins or silver items with personalized engravings.


Newly wed couple needs lot of things to set up their home. You may help them with following:

  • - Ethnic and attractive dhurries, rugs, cushions, wall hangings, lanterns and lamps.
  • - Dinner Sets or Tea Sets.
  • - Household items like cutlery, crystal bowls, pen sets, etc.
  • - Bed Covers.

Electronic Gifts

There is a huge range of electronic gifts that make good wedding gifts. You may give anything out of these depending on your budget and the couple's requirements.

  • - Electric Toaster
  • - Microwave
  • - Mixer/Grinder
  • - Digital Camera
  • - Electric Kettle
  • - Steam Iron
  • - Music System
  • - Hair dryer

Decorative Items

You may help newly wed couple decorate their home with a wedding gift of -

  • - Decorative items like candle stands, diyas (lamps), showpieces, photo frames (available in all price ranges)
  • - Paintings

Gifts of Personal Use

Gifts of personal use are also appreciated as wedding gift. You may go in for the following -

  • - Chocolates or sweets (special to every community) packed in personalized or printed gift papers.
  • - Perfume bottles or ittar.
  • - Gift vouchers from leading beauty salons make a great gift.
  • - A room reservation in a luxury hotel.
  • - A set of wrist watches.