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Tips For Wedding Gifts

On an important occasion like wedding, we all want to give gifts that are appreciated and put to use. However, most people find it extremely difficult to decide on that perfect wedding gift. In case you too are finding yourself in a dilemma of selecting a wedding gift ideas here are some tips for wedding gifts just for you!

Think about the need and taste of the recipient

It is important to realize that giving gifts is about pleasing the recipient and not yourself. So, when you shop for a wedding gift item think about what the bride or groom, or both will like. In case the wedding couple is close to you, a great way is to go shopping for weddings gifts with them. You don't need to buy anything on the spot. Simply observe what the person is shooting covetous glances at or exclaiming over and make notes. Later you can choose a gift that suits your budget.

Cash works fine!

It is seen that cash works just fine as a wedding gift! In fact most couples prefer cash as a wedding gift, this is because newly weds have to incur a large amount of expenses in a short time. The wedding, the honeymoon and setting up a new house can all be pretty hard on the wallet. So, in case if you are unsure about what to buy then take the easy way out and gift cash.

Gifts from the bride's side

In traditional Indian weddings, a lot of wedding gifts are given from the bride's side. At times, it becomes difficult to select appropriate gifts. Experts recommend that since people are becoming more selective, it is best to go the currency way. In cases where cash is not appropriate try sticking with jewelry. Electronics also make great gifts. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that gifts does set the tone for the relationship both families will share in future. Poor quality gifts or gifts that do not have a high perceived value may not be received well. If you are on a limited budget, stick with a lesser number of gifts of good quality.

Gift from the groom's side

Usually, most gifts from the groom's side are for the bride. A great way to ensure that the bride actually likes and uses what she receives is to take her shopping along with you. If the bride and groom stay in different cities then it might be a good idea to give the bride cash and ask her to do her own shopping.

Packaging Plays an Important Role

Gift givers must keep in mind that good package leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. Experts recommend spending a few extra bucks on gift wrapping and packaging all the gifts. One may also take service of special wedding gift wrappers who provide gift wrapping services for a fee.

Best Time to Give the Gift

Usually close family and friends prefer to present the gift at home instead of carrying it to the wedding or reception venue. This is a good idea since expensive gifts can often be misplaced in the wedding revelry. If a Ladies Sangeet or bachelor party is being organized then it is customary to give gifts during this party. You may attach a card with the wedding gift and accompany it with a bouquet for greater impact.