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Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE)

The Stock Exchange - Ahmedabad is the second oldest exchange of India. It was constituted in the year 1894 as a Public Charitable Trust. Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE) started under a banyan tree and therefrom progressed year after year. It holds a unique place in India.
Ahmedabad Stock Exchange got the permanent recognition from the Government of India in 1982. The era of 80s and 90s saw some major focus in the exchange. A proper infrastructure was build up and the exchage was completely computerised. The exchange went live on screen based trading on December 12, 1996.
Currently there are 333 trading members in the exchange to serve the investors with one of the best transparent trading system in India. The trading of approximately 2000 nationally listed equities are done in the exchange. Over 200 high growth companies listed in the ASE or with other exchanges are also traded here.

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Management

The ASE constitutes of a team of dedicated employees who carry out the different functions of the exchange. It is governed by the governing board with the help of set Rules, bye-laws and Regulations. The board constitute of Elected Directors and Non-elected Directors i.e. Public Representatives and SEMI Nominees in equal ratio. The Executive Director remains the Administrative Head.
The board meets at an interval of 15 days to review the working of the exchange in the said period. The board takes strategic decisions, frames policies for the betterment of the exchange.

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Committee

For the well functioning of the exchange and taking some pivotal decisions with the consideration of intellectual views of members, ASE has set up several committees. The committees constitute both elected and non-elected members and officers of ASE. The different committees are as follows:

  • - Ethic Committee
  • - Membership Committee
  • - Defaulter Committee
  • - Arbitration Committee
  • - Computerization Committee
  • - Disciplinary Committee
  • - Building Maintenance Committee
  • - Purchase Committee

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Office

The Stock Exchange-Ahmedabad
Kamdhenu Complex
Opp. Sahajanand College
Ahmedabad-380 015