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Madras Stock Exchange (MSE)

The Madras Stock Exchange (MSE) has a history from 1920 when the exchange had 100 members. The boom period of the exchange faded out and the membership was reduced to only 3 by 1923.

Good days returned back in September, 1937 and the exchange was once again organised as Madras Stock Exchange Association (Pvt.) Limited catered to mills and plantations in the area. In 1957, the name was again changed to Madras Stock Exchange Limited.

On August 21, 1998, the exchange was approved with SGF Schemes by SEBI. With a pale shadow in the past. Madras Stock Exchange managed to have a turnover of Rs.109 crores in the year 2001.

Madras Stock Exchange Subsidiary

When the going became tough for MSE, it floated a subsidiary known as Madras Stock Exchange Financial Services Ltd. (MSE-FSL). It took the membership of BSE. All the members of MSE became sub-brokers of MSE-FSL. Currently there are 161 members and out of which 28 of them are operating through MSE-FSL with an average turnover of Rs.3 crore per day.

With a total listing of Rs.1 crore from a company base of 1,527, a few crores worth of bank deposits and space rentals, the exchange in financially shaped in a better way than other regional bourses.

Madras Stock Exchange Office

11 Second Line Beach
Post Box No. 183
Madras 600 001