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Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE)

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) started way back in 1830 under a "Neem Tree." Today CSE has emerged as the second largest bourse in India. In May 1908, the group formed an association and named it as we know it today at 2, China Bazar Street.

The Association was registered as a limited liability concern on June 7, 1923 with an authorized capital of Rs. 3 lakhs duly divided into 300 shares of Rs. 1,000 each. The shares were further subdivided into 4 shares of Rs. 250 each in the year 1959.

CSE was incorporated in the year 1908 with 150 members. At present, the membership has reached above 900 with several corporate and institutional members. More than 3,500 companies has been listed to the exchange. With effect from April 14, 1980, CSE was granted permanent recognition by the Central Government under the relevant provisions of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956.

Main Objects of CSE

To facilitate, promote, assist, regulate and manage in the public interest, dealings in securities of all kinds [ which shall include all securities defined as such under the Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act, 1956 and all other instruments of any kind including money market instruments] and to provide specialised, advanced, automated and modern facilities for trading, clearing and settlement of securities, with a high standard of integrity and honour, and to ensure trading in a transparent, fair and open manner with access to investors from areas in or outside India.

To initiate, facilitate and undertake all steps of all such activities in relation to Stock Exchange, Commodity Markets, Money Markets, Financial Markets, Securities Markets, Capital Markets, as are required for better investor's service and protection, including but not limited to; taking measures for ensuring greater liquidity (both in terms of breadth and depth of securities) for the investor, providing easier access to the Exchange, facilitating inter-market dealings and generally to facilitate transactions in securities in a cost effective, expeditious and efficient manner.

To support, develop, promote and maintain a healthy market in the best interests of the investor and the general public and the economy and to introduce high standards of professionalism among themselves and with investors and the financial securities, commodity, money and capital markets in general.

CSE Technology

The year 1997 was a new era for Calcutta Stock Exchange. It replaced old mannual trading system with fully computerised on-line trading & reporting system known as C-STAR. (CSE Screen Based Trading And Reporting). Initially it started with 101 "B" Group scrips. Slowly the remaining "B" Group and all the "Permitted Group" scrips were transferred on to the C-STAR systems. Finally all the "A" Group scrips were also transfered.

The main system hardware is a Tandem S74000 series machine. It has a customised software with Local Area Network and Wide Area Network to broker offices across the country. The technology uses state-of-the-Art optical fibre cables. A dual ring topology has been used in case one communication line fails. The wide area network works on VSAT technology & Router/Modem. Disaster Recovery System has been also installed to take care of natural calamities or unexpected breakdowns.

Calcutta Stock Exchange Office

The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd.
7, Lyons Range
Kolkata - 700 001