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Coimbatore Stock Exchange (CSX)

Coimbatore Stock Exchange Limited (CSX) is the youngest stock exchange in India. It was founded by K.G. Balakrishnan. It is now governed by the Governing Body which consists of the member brokers. Currently the staff strength is fifty.

The exchange also have Screen Based Trading (SBT) system which commenced operations on 9th of October, 1996. The system is equiped to handle 25,000 traders per day and 400 members. Each member has been given a computer terminal which is connected in a Local Area Network (LAN).

Coimbatore Stock Exchange Members

Currently the segregation of Coimbatore Stock Exchange are as follows:

Individual Members - 136
Corporate Members - 57
Chartered Accountants/
Company Secretaries
- 40
MBAs - 17
Engineers - 14
Cost Accountants - 10
Post Graduates - 20

Coimbatore Stock Exchange Facilities

Coimbatore Stock Exchange provides well equipped facilities to its members and investors. The facilities are library, canteen, spacious parking area, STD and Internet booths, Bank with security lockers, conference hall, gymnasium and other necessary services.

In near future, the exchange is planning for the implementation of Interconnected Stock Exchange to bring more business to the centre. Apart from the infrastructure, the exchange is planning for the set up of a Training Academy, Software Development, Research Centre and other useful activities.

It also has a plan to set up Additional Trading Floor (ATF) which will bring more traffic to the CSE building. Wide Area Networks through VSATs are also in the planning card.

Coimbatore Stock Exchange Office

Coimbatore Stock Exchange Ltd.
'Stock Exchange Buildings'
683-686, Trichy Road
Coimbatore - 641 005
Tamil Nadu