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Hyderabad Stock Exchange

The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Limited (HSEL) was established on the year 1944. It was registered under the Companies Act, 1956 as a company limited by guarantee.

By 1999-2000, the exchange had a total of 310 brokers, out of which 102 were corporate brokers. Among 310 brokers, it was further classified as 202 proprietor broker, 6 partnership broker and 102 corporate broker. Then, there was only 198 sub-brokers registered.

According to the povision of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, it is now corporatised and de-mutualised. SEBI has approved the scheme in September, 2005.

Among other things, the scheme provides for the re-registration of the exchange as a company limited by, the segregation of ownership and management from the trading rights of members, restrictions on voting right of shareholders who are also trading member, composition of the Governing Board, etc.

Hyderabad Stock Exchange Office

The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd.
3-6-275, Himayatnagar
Hyderabad - 500 029
Andhra Pradesh