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Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE)

The Delhi stock Exchange Association Limited (DSE) was incorporated on June 25, 1947. The exchange is an amalgamation of Delhi Stock and Share Brokers' Association Limited and the Delhi Stocks and Shares Exchange Limited. It is India's fifth exchange. The exchange is one of the premier Stock Exchange in India. The Delhi Stock Exchange is well connected to 50 cities with terminals in North India.

The exchange is having over 3,000 listed companies. It has received the market regulator's permission from BSE and has become its member. Now it facilitates the DSE members to trade on the BSE terminals. The exchange is also considering the same from NSE.

DSE Dematerialised Trading

Delhi Stock Exchange has tied up with the National Security Depository Limited (NSDL) and commenced trading in dematerialised shares with effect from September, 1988. However, the option for delivering shares either in physical or demat form started from November 1998.

DSE Trade Guarantee Fund

DSE has initialised its Rs.125 crore Trade Guarantee Fund on July 27, 1998. TGF guarantees all the transactions of the DSE interse through the Stock Exchange. If a member fails to honour the settlement commitment, TGF undertakes to fulfill the commitment and complete all the settlement without disruption.

DSE Office

The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Limited
West Plaza
Indira Gandhi Stadium
New Delhi-110002