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Pune Stock Exchange (PSE)

Pune Stock Exchange (PSE) was established on 2nd September, 1982 with only 35 members. It is a company limited by guarantee. Initially, the exchange had only a few lakh rupees business but now it is having Rs.15-20 crores of business daily with a members strength extended to 185. More than 310 companies are listed with Pune Stock Exchange.

Based on VECTOR (Versatile Engine for Centraliseed Trading and On-line Reporting), the exchange is successfully using a screen based Trading System. At present it covers, 183 broker members and 9 workstations for the administration, Market Operations and Surveillance activities of the exchange.

Pune Stock Exchange is looking for the possibilities of widening its activities to several parts of Pune city and other cities like Satara, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik and Mumbai.

Pune Stock Exchange Trading Activities

The first trading of the exchange was conducted on 30th of October 1982 with 22 listed scripts. Then, the trading only allowed trading in the securities listed on it and other stock exchanges under "Permanent Securities." The turnover increases substantially due to this.

The trading was switched over to computerised system on 15th March 1996. Pune Stock Exchange was the first regional stock exchange which implemented the online trading system. The online trading system was known as Vector System.

The system enables the broker conducting the trading from their offices, without assembling in the trading ring. The computers in the brokers' offices are connected to the main computer of the exchange through Local Area Network. The orders are compiled in the main system during the trading hours and are matched by the computers. The best bid is matched with the best order. When the trade is matched, it is instantly informed to the members, which are seen on his computer screen.