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Guwahati Stock Exchange (GSE)

The Guwahati (Gauhati) Stock Exchange (GSE) was incorporated on 29th of November, 1983 and it was recognised by the Government of India on 1st of May, 1984. The GSE is limited by guarantee by the member-brokers.

By 1999-2000, the exchange had a total of 206 brokers, out of which 5 were corporate brokers. Among 206 brokers, it was further classified as 200 proprietor brokers, 1 partnership broker and 5 corporate brokers. Then, there was only 4 sub-brokers registered. Currently there are 290 companies listed in the GSE.

Guwahati Stock Exchange Investors Service

To settle down the grievances of investors and also to guide them in all respect, the GSE is setting up its own 'Investors Service Cell'.

Guwahati Stock Exchange Management

There are thirteen directors in the Council of Management of the GSE. Among them, six are elected from the broking community, three are nominated from public eminence, another three are the nominee of SEBI and the remaining one is the whole time Executive Director of the Guwahati Stock Exchange.

The Council of Management is headed by the President. He is elected from the broker directors. The tenure of the Council is for one year.

Guwahati Stock Exchange Operating System

The GSE is inter-connected with the NSE through the ISE Securities and Services Ltd. (ISS). ISS is the subsidiary of Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Ltd. and GSE is one of the associated exchange of it. The trading of GSE is done through Screen Based Trading System.

Guwahati Stock Exchange Settlement System

The Guwahati Stock Exchang is having a T+5 trading system from Tuesday to Monday. The settlement takes place in the immediate next week of the trading cycle. The first step in the settlement process is the distribution of Offer and the Difference Statement. It takes place on Tuesday.

The deliverable members are suppose to submit the shares/D-Mat slip to the Clearing House of GSE on the following Thursday. On the same day the Delivery Statement of Shares is distributed among all the receivable members. The PAY-IN day is Friday and the PAY-OUT day is Saturday. The entire process of the settlement is done through the Clearing House of GSE.

Guwahati Stock Exchange Future Plan

The present need of the Indian Capital Market is to interconnect it, vanishing the concept of regional market. This helps in multiple access to different markets and it further results in greater liquidity and turnover.

To achieve all these, the GSE is also planning to have its connectivity with the Calcutta Stock Exchange. In future, it also looks forward to connect with with BSE. Internet trading is also in the ambit.

Guwahati Stock Exchange Office

The Gauhati Stock Exchange Limited
Saraf Building Annexe
A.T. Road
Assam, India