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Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange (UPSE)

Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Ltd. was inaugurated on 27th August, 1982 and occupies one of the prominent place among the Stock Exchanges in India. It plays an important role in the development of the capital market of North India. Initially, it had only 350 members which has grown up to 540 at present. The membership is open to companies even beyond the territories of Uttar Pradesh.

Currently, the exchange has 843 listed companies with a total capitalisation of Rs.81184 crores. The annual turnover of the exchange for three consecutive years are as follows:

1998-99 : 18429 Crores
1999-2000 : 23876 Crores
2000-01 : 25112 Crores

Additional Trading Floor-Lucknow of UPSE

The Additional Trading Floor-Lucknow, also known as ATF-Lucknow, is the first additional trading floor in India. The motto of this set up is to further increase business and to provide online trading facility to Lucknow based members. It commenced online trading from 24th March, 1999.

Currently, 22 members have been allotted computer terminal in Lucknow which is connected with the UPSE main Server via VSAT. At present, 13 of them are taking part in the trading. The ATF-Lucknow can be reached in the following address:

U.P.Stock Exchange Assn.Ltd. - ATF

Aarohi Trade Centre,
1st Floor, Neebu Bagh Chowk,
Lukhnow, India

UPSE Securities

UPSE Securities Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of the U.P. Stock Exchange Association Ltd. and was incorporated on 19th of April, 2000. Its main object is to obtain membership of the big exchanges like BSE or CSE. It aims at providing trading facilities on these bigger exchanges to the members of U.P. Stock Exchange as a sub-brokers according to the policies/guidelines issued by SEBI.

The Company acquired the membership of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and commenced an online trading on BSE On-Line Trading System (BOLT) from 29th of January, 2001. Currently, 43 members are trading on BSE through the Company, 96 have been registered with SEBI as sub-brokers and 153 have applied for participation. The Company has also been admitted as member of CSE and further steps are being taken in this regard.

Investor's Service Center / Library of UPSE

R&D Wing of UPSE is in function since 1992 under the directions of SEBI and it provides valuable services to the investors. Investor's Service Centre maintains a well equipped library of Books, journals, periodicals and Newspapers on Financial Markets.

They maintain the records of day to day quotations of major exchanges, the annual reports,of companies, PRIME Directory, complete set of volumes of the Stock Exchange, Mumbai Directories. Along with this it also maintains the news letters, daily bulletin, books on Capital Markets, Investor Awareness, Budget, Taxation with other relevant books.

The UPSE has been organising summer camps to give trainings to Company Secretaries and MBAs from different institutes giving them complete data and helping the student to know the practical day-to-day working of the exchanges. Along with this it also organises Investor Awareness Shows.

The changing technology have helped the exchange to install a corporate database of over 7000 companies. The rates of UPSE, BSE and NSE is displayed live for the benefit of investors.

UPSE Office

The Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Ltd.
Padam Towers
14/113, Civil Lines
Kanpur - 208001