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Expert's Advice on Bangles

In present times, bangles are available in large number of styles and patterns. So much is the variety that ladies find it difficult to select that perfect set of bangles that will most gracefully adorn their arms. Given here are tips from beauty experts to help you select most appropriate set of bangles.

Tips for Selecting Bangles:

  • - For a perfect semblance, take care that bangle design should match your earring and necklace design.
  • - A stylish armband can be worn if you have chosen to wear a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress, as this will highlight you upper arms. You also have wide range of Kadas, choodis and bracelets to adorn the hands.
  • - Those looking for a minimalist look, just have one piece of bracelet on your wrist.
  • - For a total ethnic look, mix and match glass bangles with the color of your dress and with other Kadas. Keep jingling bangles to capture the attention of everyone!
  • - If you wish to try something unusual on formal occasions, you can go in for "haathphool", which is a bracelet with rings attached with chains.
  • - Terracotta bangles look fantastic when complemented with block printed cotton saris of appropriate colour. Silver bangles would also look great if matched tastefully with your sari. For a different and ethnic look, one can also try wooden bangles.