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Experts Advice on Earrings

Jewelery is a very personal affair and you have to feel comfortable wearing your choice. However, here are a few guidelines from beauty experts that will help you to decide on that perfect earring that will add to your beauty and overall semblance.

Tips on Wearing Earrings According to Dress
  • - The easiest way to go about choosing earrings is to first decide what color blends well with your dress.
  • - The style of your dress takes the next step in eliminating what you don't want. For example, if you have chosen a shade of red or brown, the best jewelry to go with this would be gold, while if you have chosen pastels, or the fabric used for your dress is Chiffon, Georgette, etc, you can opt for pearls, diamonds or precious stones set in silver as they add a delicate and fragile flavor to your dress.
  • - The style of your dress also determines the design of your jewelry. A very trendy outfit requires trendy accessories to justify it. If you are planning to go ethnic then you can pick tribal or very antique, like the 'jadao', designs for your earrings.
  • - And if you belong to the category that believes in the minimalist look, then you can pick up small to large studs ranging from ethnic to totally nouveau.

Tips on Wearing Earrings According to Face Shape

  • - A pair of large earrings on an elfin face will overpower the face's fine features.
  • - Similarly, over-large earrings with a short hair cut can look unbalanced.
  • - Long hair can hide a discreet earring so something more dramatic may be called for.
  • - A long neck can carry off a long chandelier or drop earring but this style will emphasize a short neck. If you're not a swan, choose a short drop earring instead.
  • - Hair worn piled up on the head adds height and lengthens the neck. This is an ideal opportunity to wear a drop or danglers!
  • - Consider the neck wear you have chosen and balance the earring. A dramatic statement necklace requires a discreet, minimal earring. If no necklace is being worn then the earrings can take centre stage.
  • - Stud earrings suit most face shapes and are practical for everyday.