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Contemproary Sindoor

contemproary sindoor

It is delightful to note that even after centuries, Sindoor has not lost its traditional charm. Vermilion or Sindoor is still very much an important part of sringar of a married Hindu women. Here we shall discuss some trends seen is the use of sindoor in contemporary times.

Sindoor being Sported by Men

Recently, a surprising trend has been noticed in the use of sindoor. It is now being sported by men. In a fashion show held recently, a leading fashion designer made his male models wear thick and long streak of sindoor. The idea caught the attention and is being copied by other models.

Colorful Sindoor

Yet another innovative method of using sindoor was noticed in a popular Hindi daily. Here a leading lady used to wear sindoor of a color that matched her dress. So if she wore a blue color saree the color of the sindoor would be blue, likewise yellow with a yellow saree.

Sindoors Laced with Chemicals

Unfortunately, the menace of adulteration which is commonly observed in case of cosmetics has been noticed in the manufacturing of Sindoor too. Today, most modern cosmetic product manufacturers produce sindoor and kumkum from synthetic materials, lead, zinc and industrial dyes. It is also called red lead (Pb3O4). Manufacturers follow no single method. Some mix oxidized metals and substandard oil to bring about the texture. Now that sindoor is also available in liquid form, scientists worry that it would not be surprising if the red sindoor color was attained by adding Rhodamine B dye, which can induce hereditary disorders. Red is also being derived from mercury sulphite, which can cause skin cancer. All these toxic substances can trigger hair loss, edema and erythema. It is recommended that consumers read the ingredients used before buying sindoor.

Herbal Sindoor

To give consumers a safer means to follow the tradition, some cosmetic giants in India have come up with Herbal Sindoor. Extremely safe to use, Herbal sindoor is prepared with precious herbs and flowers such as hibiscus, marigold, safflower and sandalwood. It is hoped that other sindoor manufacturers too will follow the example and provide non-toxic sindoor to the consumers.

Liquid Sindoors

In this jet fast age when people want everything convenient and comfortable liquid sindoor is being preferred over traditional powder sindoor. Some times sindoor is also available in the stick like form. This type of sindoor is extremely convenient to apply and it does not cause any mess. Ladies who prefer to apply a trace of it on the forehead (as is the trend) prefer liquid sindoors.

Sindoor Daani

Though liquid sindoor is being very much preferred, traditional Sindoor Daani does finds it due place in the dressing of the married women. Sindoor Danis or the container for keeping power sindoor comes in various contemporary and ethnic designs. Besides, having their social significance, sindoor daanis also carry tremendous artistic worth.