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Expert's Advice on Sindoor

These days, markets are being flooded with spurious sindoors which may be extremely harmful for the human body. Experts therefore advice caution in the use of sindoor and recommend consumers to use only good quality products.

Adulteration in the manufacturing of sindoor is mainly done to reduce the cost or production by using cheaper substitutes or to give the sindoor an attractive red color. Unfortunately, the consumers have to pay dearly for this compromise on quality by the sindoor manufacturers. Experts warn that a spurious quality sindoor can trigger hair loss, and even cause edema and erythema. When laced with Rhodamine B dye or mercury sulphite (used to get bright red color), sindoor may even cause hereditary disorders or skin cancer.

Experts therefore strongly recommend consumers to read the ingredients carefully before buying sindoor. But a sad factor is that branded sindoor and kumkum, even the liquid sindoor marketed by the reputed cosmetic company usually does not carry the mandatory label of ingredients. Adding to the toxicity problem are a flood of unbranded products on the markets. Even big shops in urban markets sell spurious or unbranded products without a list of ingredients. Authorities must therefore make it mandatory for the manufacturers to list the ingredients and reveal the harmful effects of it.

Beauty Experts advise consumers to discontinue the use of a particular brand of sindoor if rashes or hair loss is observed in the area of the application of sindoor. One must also visit the doctor in case of rashes occur and immediately get it treated to prevent the spread of infection.

To avoid the ill-effects of chemical sindoor and for safe use, beauty experts recommend the use of herbal sindoor. A Herbal sindoor is usually prepared with herbs and flowers such as hibiscus, marigold, safflower and sandalwood.