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Contemporary Payal

contemproary payal

The ancient tradition of wearing payal is still very much in vogue. Even today women love to draw attention to their feet with payals that have taken trendy new avatars to suit the taste and requirements of modern women.

Heavily Carved Anklets

When it comes to wearing anklets with traditional Indian costumes like saree and lehangas, women still go in for ethnic payals. These come with exquisite carvings and magnificent designs. Trend for heavily carved ethnic Indian payals have been kept alive by Bollywood actresses who still love to team their heavy sarees and lehangas with heavy payals. Carved anklets are very much a part of the bridal jewelry in India.

Payals Studded with Gemstones

Anklets studded with precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones are very much in trend. This allows women to match the color of the anklet with their dress. One can also go in for delicate graceful jewels like pearls and diamonds for a smart and cool look.

Gold Anklets

Gold anklets come in huge variety to lure women with regal tastes. One can go in for stunning heavy gold payals or light weight anklet chain depending on the costume, preference and budget.

Anklets made of Less Precious Materials

Anklets made from other less precious materials like plastic, rope and rubber are a great fad amongst young girls who consider these to be an important fashion accessory. Even older women are going in for such anklets due to their chic designs and comparatively much lower cost. Such causal anklets or ankle chains are very much in trend in western countries also.

Popular Types of Anklets

Traditionally, women chose to wear flexible type anklets known as 'Pajeb' and 'Jhanjhar', which also produce tinkling sound. Other contemporary kinds of anklets consist of adjustable stretch anklets, delicate weave anklet, cherry anklets, locking anklets, floating ankle bracelets in designs of butterfly, stars, daisy and hearts.

Anklets with Matching Toe-Rings

For heightened impact, fashionistas go in for the anklet and toe-ring sets. These days, markets are flooded with a commendably fabulous range of anklets and toe rings. They give you a chic look. These bridal foot jewelries flaunt your feet in the most elegant manner. Intricate designs in works of meenakari, kundan and beads do wonders.

Anklet in One Leg

Fashion savvy youngsters all over the world have devised the trend of wearing anklet in one leg. They consider this trend ultra cool. There are no rules which define whether this anklet should be worn on right leg or left leg but it has been noticed that when wearing only one anklet most girls prefer to wear it on the right leg. A recent survey carried out in the United Kingdom revealed that most anklets are worn on the right ankle. The statistics were 87% right ankle and 13% left. Perhaps this is due to more people being right-handed.