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Tradition of Payal in India

Since ancient times, payal or anklet has been an important jewelry for Indian woman. Even today this piece of traditional jewelry has not lost its charm a bit. Payals are still one of the most important fashion accessories of modern Indian women.

Gift for New Born Girls

Silver payal in exquisite carving is one of the most popular and traditional gift for new born girls. Small tinkling bells are usually added to the baby payals so that when little girl learns to walk she delights everyone with the "chham chamm" of her payal. Attachment of young girls with payals is formed quite early thus and remains for life.

Wearing Payal on Traditional Occasions

On traditional occasion such as festivals and weddings, most girls adorn their feet with designer payals. Most girls in India keep quite a collection of silver payals. These days ankle chains made of less precious materials like rubber, seashells, beads etc are very much in vogues. These are worn casually on family get together or outings.

An Important Part of Indian Bride's Jewellery

Heavily crafted and designer payals are an important part of Indian bride's jewelry. Traditionally, the new bride announces her arrival in her husband's house with the tinkling sound of anklets.

Gift for the Bride

Payals are considered to be traditional and auspicious gift for the new bride in India. Heavily carves payals or payals embellished with exquisite meenakari work are an all-time favorite gift for the newly weds.

Tradition of Wearing Silver and not Gold Payals

Mostly, Hindu women prefer to wear payals made of silver and not gold. This is because Indians believe gold to be the metal of the gods and is therefore sacred. To wear it on the feet, the lowest part of the body, is considered to be an ill-omen and disrespectful.