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Expert's Advice on Payal

For centuries, womenfolk have used payal or anklets to accentuate the beauty of their feet. Even in contemporary times, women across the globe wear anklets to attract attention on the lower part of their body. Given here are some tips from beauty experts on ways of wearing anklets to ensure maximum impact.

Best Time to Wear Payal

Beauty experts say the best time to wear anklet is the spring or summer season. To a short summer dress or swimsuit, an anklet does wonders. With a swimsuit, a multi-colored neon thread anklet or an anklet made only of beads looks amazing.

Perfect Dresses for Anklets

Anklets look extremely gorgeous when worn with dresses that leave ankles exposed. Dresses like capris, short skirts, shorts enable anklet to be displayed. Ankets also look enrapturing when worn with traditional Indian outfits like sarees and lehangas.

Perfect Footwear for Anklets

Fashion experts observe that foot jewelry like anklets and toe rings look amazingly beautiful when worn with open-toed heels, sandals or flip-flops. Keep your feet pedicured and toe nails painted to amplify the impact of your designer payal!

Jewelry that Work Best with Anklets

Anklets are fun when worn on their own but fashion experts say, they look even more stunning when worn in combination with a coordinating bracelet or necklace./p>