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Contemproary Toe Rings

contemproary toe rings

The ancient Indian practice of wearing toe rings is emerging as the new fad amongst fashion conscious youth the world over. In contemporary times, people are experimenting with innovative and stylish bichhiyas to adorn their feet in a stylish manner.

Toe Rings are a Trendy Fashion Accessory

In the contemporary world of fashion, toe rings have emerged as the one of the hottest fashion accessories. As more attention is being given to the dressing of the foot, people are trying to make their own fashion statement by going in for funkier and more stylish toe-rings. A noticeable factor in this regard is that toe-rings are catching the attention of women of all ages. From teenagers to grandmothers, women are adorning their feet with the latest and more stylized toe rings. And, it is not just women in India or other South Asian countries (where tradition of wearing toe rings is old one) who are going crazy over toe ring but women in US and other western countries too are hugely attracted towards them. The advantage with toe rings is that they retain the funkiness of nose rings and other new jewelery, but do not require body piercing.

Contemporary Styles in Toe Rings

Toe Rings are available in a wide and extensive range of contemporary designs and patterns to suit the taste and requirements of all. One can therefore go in for toe rings with delicate designs featuring hearts and flowers or toe rings with bold bands and designs. Besides, umpteen range of intrinsically carved rings and hand painted toe rings has also hit the market to cater to the demands of those who want to style their feet in the most creative manner. Another fad amongst fashionistas is to go in for toe rings embellished with gem stones and semi-precious stones.

Best Toe for Toe Rings

A toe ring can be worn on any of the toes as there are no definite rules regarding where it should be worn. However, it has been noticed that second toe of either foot is where they are worn most commonly worn. Besides, some 'bichiya sets' may have pairs for four of the five toes, excluding the little pinky. Hence, one can be creative and conceive their own fashion statement regarding the decision to wear toe ring in which toe.

Toe Rings for Men

It may be astonishing for some, but the truth is that more and more fashion savvy men are decorating their feet with designer toe-rings. Ranging from platinum, to gold, to not so expensive metal toe rings are available exclusively for men these days. Most men go in for flat and round fitting toe rings that look 'sexy' with casual floaters and swim wear.