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Types of Toe Rings

Given here is a description of general characteristics of toe rings and types of toe rings available in the market. Please read on to find out which type of toe ring will best adorn your feet. With the growing market of toe rings, you are sure to find the perfect design to suit your personality and jewelry preferences!

General Characteristics

Toe rings come in styles similar to rings worn on the fingers, but toe rings have a small gap on the bottom of the ring to allow them to slip over the tips of the toe more easily. The toe rings are usually adjustable type and are available in a variety of designs and patterns and are great to show off with sandals or open-toe shoes. They are made with the base material as metal and often embellished with various other materials. You can find beaded or woven toe rings, but anyone who has worn toe rings usually prefers metal, because it's smoother on the skin.

Toe Bands

Toe Bands are usually designed for the big toes. Often rings complementing the bands are designed for the other toes. Toe bands look classy and the latest trends are sterling silver bands. The simple bands without embellishments are just right for day-to-day wear. But for parties bands can be embellished with diamonds or color studs. One can even try and have minakari bands as they are just right for Indian weddings or a simple line of diamonds on the band can also look very striking.


Traditional Indian toe ring for the big toe are called amvat. These are not so ornately designed as toe rings for other toes.

Double Toe Rings

There are also double toe rings which cover the entire toe. These look quite ethnic, though they are not so comfortable to wear.

Men's Toe Rings

Men's toe rings usually come in classic, refined bands of gold or platinum.

Customized Toe Rings

These days, one can find customized toe rings for both him and her. Once can have words, name, zodiac signs or special symbols inscribed in their toe ring. Besides, one can have toe rings studded with their favorite or lucky stone.