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Varieties of Toe Rings

Growing fad for toe rings is forcing manufacturers and designers to prepare toe rings in huge variety. Mentioned here are some popular varieties of toe rings available in the market.

Toe Rings with Motif

Since ancient times toe rings always carried motifs. The traditional motifs used in toe rings include fishes, birds and flowers. But now the trend is changing. Contemporary style motifs are given a more abstract look and paisley is one of the hottest trend. Toe rings can also carry some odd shapes in oxidized polish.

Toe Rings with Different Shapes

In modern times, lot of different shapes are being used for the toe rings. From wave shape to stripes, even the knotted look is very much in. Besides, toe rings are available in adjustable and non-adjustable styles. People with bold taste go in for bichhiyas with heart shapes and butterfly shapes. Even wired toe rings and basket weaves are getting popular with middle-aged women.

Toe Rings with Oriental Looks

These days, oriental toe rings are very much in demand. Mostly people are preferring toe rings with oriental designs with a black and white combination for an unusual look. In some of the contemporary toe rings the bands and rings are on the broader side and motifs are from oriental culture.

Toe Rings Embellished with Stones

To give people an option to match toe ring with their dress, lot of color stones especially opal and aqua color stones are being embellished on silver bands. This style is very classy and women from any age group can wear it, but the key is how to carry it.

Crystal Toe Rings

Crystal toe rings are considered a perfect fashion accessory for evening wear, when teamed with crystal anklets. Here, silver bands are embellished with colorful crystals to give a fuller look to the toe rings. At present, colored crystal toe rings are widely is use. The hit colors in crystals being aqua blue and fuchsia pink.

Diamond Studded Toe Ring

Those with royal taste are going for diamond studded gold toe ring with intrinsic carvings and broad borders with gold or diamond studs. But they are on the steeper side.

Painted Toe Rings

Body paining is the latest fad these days. So, if you are creative, then try and paint your toe rings. You can try various colors and combinations. The best way to do this is to pick up plastic rings and paint them loud or one can even use subtle pastel colors.

Etched Toe Rings

Etched toe rings are very rare and a rising trend amongst teenagers across the globe. Here, the band is etched and bright colors are used. Apart form alphabets a lot of motifs are also used. Fashion experts say, etched toe rings are best custom made and looks great in silver.