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Garhwali People

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Synonyms : Central Pahari

Religion : Hindu

Chief Deity : Garhwalis are deeply religious people and worship hundreds of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Language : Garhwali and its dialects

Regional Spread : They are primarily located in the states of Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir.

Traditional Occupation : Garhwali people are subsistence farmers, growing crops on beautifully terraced fields. Most are very poor.

Population : 1,022,000 (2000 census)

Food Habits : Diets and dietary regimes of the people of Garhwal is influenced by the environmental and climatic conditions (including altitude). Garhwalis are both non-vegetarian and vegetarian people. The main cereals eaten by the people of this tract are wheat, rice and pulses, which are cultivated on a large scale.

Marriage Preference : Prefer intra-caste weddings

Famous Personalities :

Himani Bhatt Shivpuri (actor), Varun Badola (actor), Vishvamohan Badola (singer), Prasoon Joshi (ad man)

About Garhwali :

Garhwali is a term that refers to people belonging to the hilly Garhwal subdivision of Uttaranchal. It is also the language spoken by natives of Garhwal. The Garhwalis are a hardworking and often isolated people. Many of their villages are snowbound for up to four months a year, and the people must live on what they have stored away.