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Manipuri People

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Religion : Hinduism, Christianity, Islam

Language : Manipuri (better known as Meiteilon in Manipur)

Regional Spread : Manipur and other northeastern states in India. Manipuris are also present in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Traditional Occupation : Agriculture and Handloom weaving (mostly women are involved in this).

Population : Over 2.2 million

Food Habits : Mostly non-vegetarian

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriages in their own community but are open to inter-caste marriages outside Manipuri community.

Famous Manipuri Dancers :

Guru Senarik Rajkumar, Hanjaba Guru Bipin Singha, Guru Chandrakanta Singha - Nartanachrya, Guru Nilmadhab Mukharjee, Guru Haricharan Singha, Bibhaboti Devi, Kalabati Devi

History and Origin :

Manipur people are grouped into three main ethnic communities - Meiteis those inhabiting the valley and 29 major tribes in the hills dividing into two main ethno-denominations, namely Nagas and Kuki-Chins. Under the Meiteis, Bamon and Meitei Pangans are also included. The legend of all tribes including Meiteis claim that they originated somewhere in the north from a cave. The difference came only in later parts of the history after Meiteis were converted to Vaishnavism and the hill inhabitants became Christians.

About Manipuri People :

Manipuri people are simple and largely untouched by the pollution of modern living. They love outdoor life and natural surroundings. The general facial characteristic of the Manipuris are of the Mongolian type. There is a great diversity of the features among them. The people are very good looking, fair, muscular and broad chested. Manipuri girls usually have brownish black hair, brown eyes, fair complexions, straight nose and rosy cheeks.