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Himachali People

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Religion : Hinduism, Buddhism

Chief Deity : Shiva, Durga

Language : Hindi, Punjabi and a vast number of tribal dialects as well as Urdu and English

Traditional Occupation : Agriculture

Population : Above 60 lakhs as per 2001 census (Himachal Pradesh)

Food Habits : Though most people go in for vegetarian food some people are very much fond of non-vegetarian dishes. Paddy and maize happen to be the staple food of the Hamichali people as the climate favors the production of these crops. Milk and other daily products form the part of the daily food habit of the people. Dishes prepared from energy rich sattu is a must item of every day meal. People are very much fond of tea.

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriages with their own caste and community.

Famous Personalities :
Shanta Kumar (ex CM), Virbhadra Singh (CM), Ram Lal (ex CM), Dr. Y.S. Parmar, Padam Dev, Shivanand Ramaul, Purnanand, Satya Dev, Sada Ram Chandel, Daulat Ram, Thakur Hazara Singh, Pt Vijay Kumar (actor)

About Himachali :

Himachali people are simple, sensitive, hardworking and god-fearing. They are known for their honesty, tolerance and charming looks. The majority of the population is of Aryan stock and are devout Hindus, there is ample representation of Buddhism, especially in the north, and Islam. The people of north Himachal, especially Lahaul-Spiti and areas of the northwest, are mixtures of Buddhist, Vedic and Islamic culture. These are people with Mongol eyes and prominent cheekbones. The rest of the Himachali's are fair and have angular faces. Though most of the people here are Hindus and Buddhists, it is the Tantric Shiva Shakti cult that is most predominant. A number of temples dedicated to the goddess Durga or 'Devi' can be found in the state. The people here are quite fond of dancing and singing. The flute is their favorite instrument.