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Kashmiri People

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Other Spellings : Other Spellings

Religion : Islam, Hinduism (Kashmiri Pandits), Sikh

Language : Kasmiri, Urdu

Regional Spread : Kashmir in India and Pakistan

Population : 4.6 million

Food Habits : Rice is the staple food of the Kashmiris. Lamb and meat dishes are quite popular amongst the people of Kashmir. In vegetables, Kashmiris pride over Karam Sag (a kind of leafy green vegetable), nadru (lotus stalk) and turnips. Kashmiri tea called Kahva - a concoction of green tea leaves brewed in the samovar, besides the special pink color tea called Shirchai is extremely popular amongst Kashmiri people.

Marriage Preference : Seek matrimonial alliances in their own caste and community

Famous Personalities

  • - Farooq Abdullah - Chief Minister
  • - Ghulam Nabi Azad - politician
  • - Omar Abdullah - politician
  • - Sheikh Abdullah - politician
  • - Pt Jawaharlal Nehru - India's first Prime Minister
  • - Pt Jawaharlal Nehru - India's first Prime Minister

About Kashmiri People :

Most Kashmiri people claim their descent from the Indo-Aryan stock. Actually, Kashmir is inhabited by diverse and different races, distinct in their looks, dress, food habits, customs, speech and traditions. Most of the people in the Kashmir are fair-complexioned, with light brown hair, blue or gray eyes, chiseled features and fine physique. There are also people with a whitish complexion, black almond eyes and black hair. Kashmiris tend to be superstitious. Kashmiris can be singled out as extremely warm, friendly, hospitable and God-fearing people.