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Nepali People

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Other Spellings / Synonyms : Nepalese, Gorkhali or Gurkhali

Religion : Nepalese, Gorkhali or Gurkhali

Language : Neplali, also called Khaskura (oldest term)

Regional Spread : Nepal, Sikkim in India, parts of Bhutan and Myanmar

Population : 35 million approx

Food Habits : Nepali food has been influenced by Indian and Tibetan styles of cooking. The regular Nepali meal is dal (lentil soup), bhat (boiled rice) and tarkari (curried vegetables), often accompanied by achar (pickle). Curried meat and momos (steamed or fried dumplings) are very popular amongst Nepalese people. Rotis (flat bread) and dhedo (boiled flour) also make meals in some homes. Most Nepalis do not use cutlery but eat with their right hand.

Marriage Preference : Prefer matrimonial alliances in their own community and caste. In present times, Nepali people are becoming more open and do not pay much attention to the caste and community of the partner.

About Nepali People :

Nepali population comprises of various groups of different races which are further divided into different castes. Nepali people are said to be honest and brave people. Nepalese Gurkhas in the British and Indian armies are regarded as among the finest soldiers in the world.