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Miji People

Other Spellings / Synonyms : Sajolang, Damai

Religion : Mijis follow animistic Donyi-Polo faith known as Phong kelum. This faith has some Buddhist influence, notably in their rites. A few Mijis have adopted Christianity.

Chief Deity : The Mijis believe in many gods. Jang-Langnui is the most powerful of all of them.

Language : Sajalong. Mijis also speak Aka, Nisi, Moinba, Assamese, English or Hindi

Regional Spread : West Kameng and East Kameng in Arunachal Pradesh, lower parts of the sub-Himalayan hills bordering Assam

Traditional Occupation : Swidden Agriculture

Population : 5,000 approximately

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriage in their own community

About Miji People :

Mijis are a Scheduled Tribe in India having combined ancestry of their Tibetan and Assamese counterparts. They live isolated from the rest of the world and sustain their livelihood through swidden agriculture.Traditional Miji women wear an ankle-length white garment with another additional external beautifully decorated red jacket. Large silver ring-shaped earrings and colored necklaces, usually made of jade are their principal ornaments. Khan is the most celebrated festival of the Mijis. It is an occasion for the reunion among the local community. Of late, Miji people have adapted the Roman script for writing their language, because they did not have an indigenous script of their own.