Electric Bikes and Scooters

The face of auto industry, that was redefined with the invention of fuel-efficient four-stroke engine technology, is all set to see dawn of a new era in two-wheeler industry. It's not petrol or diesel or any other fuel, but it's electricity that have initiated a revolution in two-wheeler industry in India.
Indian two-wheeler industry has embraced the new concept of Electric Bikes and Scooters that are very popular mode of personal transport in the developed countries like America, Japan and China. With the rising cost of fuel at International and national level, increasing levels of pollution and congestion in transport system specially in Urban areas, higher running and maintenance cost of vehicle, the electrically charged bikes or scooters have very bright future in area of personal transportation.

Electric Cars

Electric Cars are considered as the future driving technology all over the world. High cost of fuel, large carbon emissions and high running cost have set a widespread platform for Electric cars. At present, Reva is running on Indian roads, though not much successfull. But the increasing interests of automobile companies in this segment has uplifted the idea of concept cars. Following companies have already announced their projects on Electric cars in India.

  • - Reva is running on Indian roads. Its specicification are as follows :
    Seating Capacity: 2 Adults & 2 Children below 12 years
    Payload: 227 Kgs
    Top Speed: 80 kmph
    Charge Time: 80% charge in 2.5 hrs, 100% charge in 8 hrs
    Price: Rs 2.9 lakhs (Delhi)
    An upgraded version of this car Reva NXG is soon to be launched with improved speed, charge time and range.
  • - Hero Electric has announced to introduce an electric car by 2013. The car will use capacitors for instant charging.
  • - Mahindra has plans to launch a four-seater that will run on lead acid battery initially. The company might opt for nickel metal hydride later on. The car would be bigger than the Reva and might cost more.
  • - Mitsubishi Motors is also making its electric car for the Indian car market. Mitsubshi e-car would have a motor placed at the back of the car and will be powered by lithium-ion batteries.
  • - Tata are also expected to roll out E-Nano (electric version of Nano) in association with Norwegian electric car specialist Miljoebil Grenland.

What is Electric Vehicle

An Electric Bike or Scooter is a battery operated vehicle that is very economical with low maintenance cost and zero pollution. Electric two wheelers use the electrical technology of rechargeable battery that converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. The battery of an EV can be charged easily using a power connection.

Features of Electric Bikes and Scooters

Electric bikes or scooters, light in weight, trendy, efficient and eco-friendly, are becoming potent alternative to the conventional two-wheelers and the Electric two-wheeler industry in India is developing at rapid speed.
Have a look at the unavoidable advantages of Electric Bikes and Scooters :

  • - Licence and registration is not required for E Bikes and Scooters.
  • - Electric two wheelers run on re-chargeable battery and uses electricity as fuel in place of conventional Petrol/Diesel.
  • - E Bikes and Scooters can beat the rising prices of Petrol/Diesel.
  • - Simple design, light weight and economical Electric vehicles are very low in running and maintenance cost.
  • - With the ease of handling, Electric two wheelers saves the commuting time in congested roads specially in urban areas.
  • - Electric vehicles are more efficient in terms of generating usable energy from their electric engine's battery in comparison to the regular fuel conversion. In this way E Bikes and Scooters are innovative and efficient mode of personal transport.
  • - Electric bikes or scooters use electricity therefore no emission of harmful gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Major Components of an Electric Bike or Scooter

ELECTRIC HUB MOTOR to drive the rear wheel directly and there are two types of Electric Hub Motor i.e. DC Brush Motor and DC Brush less motor having two basic parts namely Permanent Magnet Stator and Wound Rotor.
ELECTRONIC MOTOR CONTROLLER is the central controlling unit of any Electric two wheeler provides electric power to the motor based on inputs from the accelerator.
ELECTRONIC ACCELERATOR sends electronic signals to the Electronic Motor Controller to maneuver the bike or scooter.
BATTERY PACK is like the fuel tank of E Bike or Scooter. There are different kinds of batteries like Lead Acid, Nickel Metal Hydrate (Ni-MH), Lithium, etc. that are used for supplying energy.
BATTERY CHARGER is used to charge the battery pack of E Bikes or Scooters, just like a mobile phone or a laptop. Some battery chargers are in-built and some are separate that carried always on the move. The charger converts an AC supply to DC to store power in the battery and it can be used with any normal domestic AC plug point. This makes charging of battery pack easy and convenient.