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Vehicle Distribution

Maharashtra has maximum number of registered vehicles in India.

In this section we will discuss about distribution of vehicles in Indian States and Union Territories. If we look at the graph of vehicle distribution by area, we will learn that in Maharashtra, maximum number of vehicles ply. Check yourself from the following details:

Non-Transport Vehicles in States
  • Maharashtra has the most number of vehicles followed by Tamil Nadu and Gujarat The figures are are 8133837, 8004982 and 6508397 units respectively.
  • In cars , Maharashtra leads the path with 831261 registerd cars and next to it is Tamil Nadu and Gujarat haveing 690271 and 504801 registered units respectively.
  • In two-wheelers, Tamil Nadu has registered the maximum units, 6260093.
Transport Vehicles in States
  • Maharashtra is the leader once again with a total of 1066610 registered vehicles.
  • In Light Motor Vehicles for goods Maharashtra has registered 228157 vehicles, Tamil Nadu with 195069 vehicles holds the second position.
  • In Light Motor Vehicles for passengers, Maharashtra tops by having 463550 units and Kerala follows with 276244 units.
  • Most number of taxis ply is Tamil Nadu which is followed by Kerala and then by Maharashtra. The figures are 110080, 108503 and 94920 units respectively.
Non Transport Vehicles in Union Territories
  • Total non-transport vehicles in the Indian Union Territories are 4669433.
  • Delhi has the maximum registered non-transport vehicles plying, 3751582. Next is Chandigarh with 548790 and Pondicherry with 275422 registered vehicles.
Transport Vehicles in Union Territories
  • Total number of transport vehicles in the Indian Union Territories are 6999998.
  • Delhi has the maximum registered transport vehicles plying, 219288. Next is Pondicherry with 17054 and Chandigarh with 12985 registered vehicles.
Follow the link below to know the distribution of automobiles in details:
Transport in State
Transport in Union Territory
Non Transport in State
Non Transport in Union Territory

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