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The occasion can be any, and a bakery will have something in store for you. For your birthday they have delicious cake, for anniversaries they have special boxes of chocolates, for evening snacks what's better than their authentic cookies. You can celebrate smaller events like family get together or reunions of friends with their yummy dilicious pastries, cupcakes, donuts, waffles, etc. To find the top bakeries in Delhi and NCR, scroll down to the list prepared by us. You can have the most satisfying experience with their desserts drenched in sugar and magic.

Bakeries Service in Delhi and NCR

A bakery is like Disneyland for foodies; you can leave us there and collect us in the evening. The smell of confectionery perfection and the divine taste of the same are so exquisite that only a zombie can ignore its power of it. Not a single location is complete without an oven-fresh dessert, so this online directory portal has enlisted the best bakeries in Delhi and NCR. Now you can have your cake and devour it too, so explore the list above and shortlist your favorite bakery based on location, prices, ratings, and reviews.

The broadest range of products made by Delhi Bakeries

Back in time, bakeries only used to sell traditional cakes and biscuits. Still, those times are gone, and bakeries have advanced themselves with some international and national recipes made by some top bakers. Surf India’s partner bakeries in Delhi NCR have a wide range of cakes and other products for you. You can also find these delicious treats at our partner bakeries in Noida, Faridabad, Bangalore, etc. The list of products that are sold by best bakery in Delhi is given below:

Cake: Cakes are the king of any party as the cake cutting ceremony is something most guests wait for. There are many varieties of delicious cakes available in the market. The most popular cakes that best bakery in South Delhi, East Delhi and NCR regions offer are chocolate cake, fruit cake, red velvet cake, fondant cake, cheesecake, etc.

Cupcakes/Pastries: Cupcakes and pastries are the many versions of cake, and you don't need to cut them as they can be served to individuals. These two are considered the perfect dessert for the end of dinner, and you don't need a special occasion to have them. There are varieties of cupcakes and pastries available in the market, and most of these flavors are the same as the cakes.

Chocolate: : Many bakeries in Delhi NCR sell homemade chocolates, and yes, they are delicious. As these chocolates are prepared at home, they are considerably healthier than the branded chocolate sold in the stores. One can arguably say that these chocolates are significantly tastier than the branded ones.

Cookies: Making cookies is the forte of Indian bakeries, and back in time, bakeries are known for their devilishly good biscuits. These places have been making cookies or biscuits for centuries. One can say that these are the classic choice of Indian customers. So, don't underestimate the power of consistency and cookies.

Waffles: Originated from Belgium but now what files are hit worldwide and the Indian market nothing different. The Indians are also a big fan of these crisp yet savory treats. If you haven't tried waffles yet, let me assure you that you miss out big time.

Donuts: These soft, spongy, and yummy desserts are special in everyone's heart. An assorted box of donuts can melt away your day's exhaustion and stress with their enticingly rich flavors. Many believe that donuts are the new "it" of the dessert world.

Croissant: The irresistible French dessert is a masterpiece of the baking world. The Indians can't get over the magical taste of this French classic. This easy-to-love dessert is not so easy to make, so only a few bakeries carry the croissant. The crescent-shaped delicacy is a must-have for everyone. You can find this delicious desert at top cake shops in Delhi NCR.

Price of Best Cakes at Top Cake Shops in Delhi NCR

Our best cake shops in Delhi NCR offer a plethora of cake varieties at budget-friendly prices. You can choose from chocolate cakes, eggless designer cakes, and more. These bakeries also customize the cake according to your needs and tastes. Here are the estimated prices of 500 gm and 1 kg cakes:

Types of Cakes 500 gm Price 1 kg Price
Chocolate cakes
Rs. 450
Rs. 700
Fruit cakes
Rs. 350
Rs. 600
Red velvet cakes
Rs. 500
Rs. 800
Fondant cakes
Rs. 600
Rs. 1,000
Designer cakes
Rs. 800
Rs. 1,500
Eggless cakes
Rs. 350
Rs. 900

Qualities of Surf India’s Best Bakeries in Delhi NCR

If you are looking for a professional cake shop in Delhi NCR for a party or an event that you are hosting, you must look for the following attributes in these cake shops:

  • Clean and well-maintained shop – Every customer wants to eat cakes and other snacks from clean and well-maintained shops. Having a clean shop is good for hygiene and creates a good reputation in the market. When looking for the best bakery in East Delhi, South Delhi, or NCR, make sure to pay a visit to the cake shop to check its cleanliness of the shop.

  • Fresh baking supplies – A good quality of top bakeries in Delhi and other cities is that they use fresh baking supplies such as chocolates, fondants, flour, and other ingredients required for baking. Every customer wants the cakes for their special occasions to be baked using only the best and fresh ingredients.

  • Right bakery equipment – Professional bakeries in Delhi and NCR need to make cakes and other bakery items in lots of shapes and sizes, so they have all the necessary equipment for baking, such as ovens and pan racks, cake stands, mixers, etc.

  • Excellent customer service – The best bakeries in Delhi NCR have the best staffs that are always professional and friendly with their customers. They are always ready to solve any queries or issues the customers face when ordering cakes and bakery items in their shop. So, make sure the cake shop you choose has a professional staff that provides customer support.

Find Best Bakeries in Delhi NCR at Surf India

Is there any particular event coming up and you are in search of finding the best cake for the celebration? No celebration is complete without a delicious cake. And, if you are looking for professional bakeries in Delhi NCR to order delicious cakes, then Surf India is here to help you. It is a famous online directory that has listed numerous best bakeries in Delhi which offer quick cake delivery at your doorsteps. They also have a wide variety of cakes in various flavors. Besides bakeries, also has listings of authentic and professional service providers of packers and movers in India, top pest control companies, and other services.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, most of these bakeries in Delhi are skilled enough and proficient in making photos cake. We would recommend you contact the bakery and clear your doubts directly by them. To get a personalized photo cake made, you need to order the same at least 24 hours in advance.

Yes, most of these bakeries in Delhi provide midnight delivery options, provided you pay the extra charges. Still, to make sure that they have the service available, we recommend you cross-examine the selected bakery by yourself.

Mostly it is seen that a bakery starts taking orders around a month in advance, especially if the cake you are ordering is of a complicated type for your wedding, birthday, or anniversary. But if you are planning to order something simple like a classic chocolate cake or red velvet cake, then ordering 24 hours in advance will be enough.

Everyone has their preference of favorite cake flavor, but here are the most famous cake flavours found in top Delhi bakeries:
  • Chocolate flavored cake
  • Red velvet flavored cake
  • Butterscotch flavored cake
  • Pineapple flavored cake
  • Vanilla flavored cake
  • Fruit cake
  • Cheesecake

It is seen that a cake stays fresh for around 3 to 4 days after it's made but depending upon the type of cake and the type of preservative methods used by the bakery, you can keep your cake fresh for a week.

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