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A bakery is a place that produces and sells fresh and delicious bakery products baked in an oven, like bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and pies. Their durability, taste, and eye-catching appeal make the product famous and gain customers. Bakery items are loved by all and becoming prominent day by day.If you are a hard-core lover of cakes, cookies, and other bakery products, then finding reliable and genuine bakeries in Kolkata can be challenging. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has searched many trustworthy bakeries and listed them on the site. All the listed bakeries on the portal are verified and have many years of serving experience. Choose the best service providing bakery that suits you.

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Celebrating any particular moment of happiness is incomplete with the bakery products. People of all ages affectionate with different bakery items because of their taste and ease of digestion in nature. There are numerous varieties of cakes, biscuits, brownies, pastries, etc. But in this covid-19 situation, getting a genuine bakery service in Kolkata seems a challenging task. Everyone is concerned about the safety and quality of bakery items.SurfIndia is a portal that has listed many service provider who promises you top-class services and fresh bakery products. The listed bakeries have professional and skilled chefs, and they take proper precautions while baking your products. Choose the best bakery based on your needs and best ratings.

6 Types of Bakery products in Daily Life

Bakery products are the first things that come to our mind. Bakery products are used daily and loved by all, whether a kid or an old one. Bakery products are the soul of any event and function. It brings happiness, sweetness, and excitement to the even and fills the air with a sweet aroma of love. If you are willing to celebrate any event and then here are some bakery products. Kindly check out the list and get an overall knowledge:

1. Bread- There's nothing dreamier than obtaining a piece of freshly baked bread directly out of the steaming oven. Just the aroma of the appealing scent churns some of the world's most celebrated foods worth baking and delighting many of the bakery lovers! Bread is most important among different bakery items and generally found in all the bakery shops.

2. Cakes- Cakes can be either simple or fancily made, such as birthday cakes, wedding cakes, served on beautifully oriented events such birthdays, Christmas, wedding showers, baby showers, and bridal showers, etc. Many cakes varieties are based on flavors like Butterscotch, Vanilla, Red-velvet, Chocolate, Personalized cakes, PUBG cakes, and many more.

3. Chocolate Items- Chocolates are one of the most treasured ingredients used in baking and a true passion for all the bakers. And plays an essential role in all the products in the bakery, especially when it comes to creating charming candy. Chocolate products such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and various chocolate items thrill chocolate lovers.

4. Candies- We all love to eat candies, and in our childhood, many of us had dreamt of having fields of cotton candies, right. Candy and confections range from chewy nougat and pralines to fudge, caramel. All the candy lovers love these. Types of sweets may be crystalline, fudge, lollipops, caramels, etc.

5. Cookies- Cookies are some of the most popular baked goods, and they are universally preferred to be baked even at home, being a fine impromptu dessert to make in no time. They always cost relatively less but taste fantastic.

6. Pastries- Pastries are indeed very charming to eat, and they are widely used during high tea parties. However, a small list of ingredients, such as flour, some butter, water, and often, a pinch of salt is required to create the pastries. Pastries are an extensive category of bread-type baked goods that can be sweet or savory or simply full of yummy flavor that might cause a sharp rise in your beta-endorphin levels!!

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