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Kamini Kaushal

Kamini Kaushal

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)

  • - Original Name: Uma Kashyap
  • - Date Of Birth: January 16, 1927
  • - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • - Hair Color: White
  • - Eyes: Black
  • - Birth Place: Lahore, British India
  • - Marital Status: Married

Family Background

  • - Husband: Sood

Film Background (Filmography)

  • - Debut Film: Neecha Nagar
  • - Famous Movies: Shaheed, Nadiya Ke Paar, Shabnam, Arzoo, Dus Numbari

Interesting Facts About Kamini Kaushal

  • - Kamini Kaushal has written many children's stories published in the children's magazine "Paraag".
  • - Kamini Kaushal also did serials like "Chand Sitare" on Doordarshan.
  • - Kamini Kaushal made an animation film "Meri Pari".
  • - Presently, she plays the role of Bebe (the grandmother of Shanno) in STAR Plus popular serial "Shanno Ki Shaadi".
  • - Kamini KAushal was the first love of bollywood great Dilip kumar


Kamini Kaushal recieved the Filmfare Best Actress Award for Biraj Bahu in 1956.

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