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Indian politicians beautifully capture the rich diversity of India as there has always been a representation of almost all the sections of the society when it comes to the mainstream Indian politics.

Politicians have always played a pivotal role in the development of a nation. India has not been different in any way as it has witnessed many politicians of repute throughout its rich history of pre-independence era and India continues to have famous politicians even after attaining independence in 1947. Both the houses of Parliament in India namely, the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha have had representation from all the corners of the country. Factors like age, gender, cast, color, religion, etc. have not come as a hinderance in any way for the people of India to choose Politics as their primary occupation.

The recently concluded 15th Lok Sabha Elections have witnessed a remarkable mandate by the people of India. With 79 Member of Parliaments under the age of 40, the Indian political scenario is headed the right way with more and more young people choosing politics as a steady occupation and getting a stamp of approval from the electorate. Presented below is a dedicated section on 'Famous Indian Politicans' introducing a galaxy of politicians. We aim to provide insights into the lives of these famous politicians including their hobbies, family background, education details and similar interesting details which make them quite popular in a vast country like India.