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Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)

  • - Date of Birth: December 17, 1982
  • - Birth Place: Palanpur (Gujarat), India
  • - Nick Name: Zombie
  • - Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • - Religion: Hindu
  • - Marital Status: Single

Family Background

  • - Father's Name: Kirti Mistry (Architect)
  • - Mother's Name: Nayana
  • - Sister (s): Sweta and Jigna


  • - Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Gujarat University
  • - Master of Design at IDC, IIT Bombay
  • - Master of Science at MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • - PhD at MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Who Is Pranav Ministry

Pranav Mistry, the inventor of revolutionary Six Sense technology is a well known name amongst the youth of India. In fact, every graduate of India dreams to be at the same height like Pranav Mistry. The magical Techno-Freak from India has gained a world wide admiration with his astounding works in the fields of technology. Frankly speaking, Pranav's thinking starts a thousand kilometers ahead of the point where the human imagination ends. His latest gadget and a bouquet of numerous exciting and surprising inventions have taken him to sky heights.

Pranav's Magic - 'The Sixth Sense Technology'

The exceptional Sixth Sense Technology is a lively example of Pranav Mistry's designing genius. This super technology enables you to use the whole world as an information source. 'Sixth Sense' is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. Now you can make a newspaper to show live video news or dynamic information, a gesture of drawing a circle on the user's wrist projects an analog watch and display someone's personal details at first sight that too on his face.

A simple mobile like device and a pendant can make use the whole world for scribbling. Click pitcures with your gestures. Display detailes on a wall or anywhere you wish to. The camera, projector and the processor will enpower you with the Six Sense Technology

Third Eye - His Forthcoming Revolutionized Technology

The designing genius is currently working on a project called Third Eye which will enables multiple viewers to see different things on a same display screen at the same time. Single sign boards will display information in variant languages at the same time. Two people watching TV can watch their favorite channel on a single TV screen. The world is awaiting this exceptional invention.

Pranav Mistry's Achievments

  • - Winner of 'TR35 2009' award, Technology Review
  • - Winner of 'INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2009' award, Popular Science
  • - Winner of 'Young Indian Innovator 2009' award, Digit Magazine
  • - Speaker for TED 2009 talk on 'sixthsense, TED 2009, Long Beach, CA.
  • - Second in SPACE competition in SIGGRAPH2004, Los Angeles.
  • - First in Innovation Fair at India level, for project MARBO.
  • - Best Paper in USID2007 for 'Akshar'.
  • - All India third in National Open Hardware Contest at IIT Bombay for project DATAG2.02
  • - Third in Model Presentation at INGENIUM 2002.
  • - Third in Creative art competition organized by ISRO.
  • - First in Design competition organized by IEEE, India chapter.
  • - Second in website designing organized by ACES.
  • - Selected for the prestigious DIRUBHAI AMBANI FOUNDATION AWARD for securing first rank in district
  • - Second in on the spot Model Making contest at techfest 2001 at IIT Bombay.

Recent Projects

  • - SixthSense
  • - Third Eye
  • - Inktuitive
  • - QUICKiES
  • - TaPuMa
  • - Invent
  • - DATAG2.02
  • - Marbo
  • - ProjectCHILD
  • - SunFlower
  • - Sandesh
  • - Ghost in the machine
  • - RoadRunner
  • - VET
  • - Sthiti
  • - Akshar