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Famous Indian Business Professionals

Businessman have played a vital role in the making of modern India. Right from the times of Independence, some hilarious business personalities from different parts of India have made significant contribution in respective fields to build a strong base for infrastructure, reforms and development. In recent times, bussiness professionals from India have made their presence felt on international arena also. Likes of Lakshmi Mittal and Indra Nooyi are some lively examples of Indian Bussiness minds at work. Besides this, icons like Birlas, Tatas, Ambanis and othher influential people have brought laurels to the nation. Their broad minded goals and objectives have facilitated them and the citizens of India as a whole. Here is a list of some most eminent business professional from India.

Get detials on the lifestyle of these popular Indian business professionals. Explore their favorite choices in different aspects of life. Get access to some most interesting facts related to these honored personalities. Relish the opportunity to know the success stories of these business tycoons and have a glimpse on their road to success.