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Famous Bollywood Stars of Era 80's

The Bygone Era of Hindi Cinema has witnessed some of the finest talents in the field of acting and film making. This section is a tribute to some of the finest talents of the Hindi Film industry

These legends have laid the foundation of the Hindi Film industry or Bollywood as it is now known. These includefamous actors, actresses and renowned Film Directory of the past.

Eras Of Bollywood

Bollywood has experienced some interesting memories over decades of unmatched cinematic experience. Here is a glimpse to different eras of bollywood, where evrery era has its own set of achievments and interesting facts.

Those were the times when the Hindi Film industry had to toil very hard because of a lack of technological advancement and life as an actor, actress or a film maker was really taxing. Despite such odds, the bygone era of Bollywood managed to produce some of the finest works that Bollywood has witnessed till date. Many actors, actresses of yesteryears and famous films of the past are still remembered for the sheer class they delivered during those times which set a benchmark for the coming film generation.

The section on classic cinema is a tribute to the excellent talent witnessed during by the Bombay Film Industry during its Golden days of Film making. Profiled below are the stars of the Bygone Era of Bollywood.