Honda City Review

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Positives :

Honda City is a very comfortable seats both in front and rear, leg room is also pretty good. A top rated music system with built in sub-woofer provides the best sound. The A/C is excellent and cools the cabin almost instantly. A decent instrument cluster and controls, the Optitron illumination is exceptional. I have been using this car from two years now and believe me, its a dream car.

Ritesh Ahuja

I own a Honda City ZX and I simply admire the excellence of Honda in designing this beautiful sedan. The exceptional performance of this car has made me a fan. A smooth gear shift and an engine refined up to 100km/hr makes it a worthy car. After 110 km/hr the car becomes uncomfortable to drive unless the roads are super smooth. Overall a competent car and recommended for people who have their image associated with car.

Dheeraj Kumar

Honda City ZX is a complete car. A powerful and responsive engine makes you enjoy driving it. A smooth gear shift. A very powerful AC with excellent fuel efficiency . Superb sound quality and the audio controls on the steering are very helpful. Ample boot space. Super looks and great styling. A must buy for sedan lovers.

Vineet Arora


Honda City carries the coomon problem of Honda cars in India. The suspension is not up to the mark. It's too bumpy and hard type. Ground clearance is not so good. Still an excellent car, Powerful engine, good seating position, good fuel efficient engine, spacious interiors, futuristic attractive design makes it a good choice.

Pulkit Khurana

I owned a Ford Ikon for three years and I switched to Honda City eight months back. Honda City gives the bumpy feeling at regular roads. It's just above average in Comfort, Economy and Looks. High end models offer better comfort but their maintenance cost is quite high. City is not an actual value for money but may be worth a lakh less .

Ajay Dhingra