Tata Safari Review

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Positives :

I am a prestigious owner of the Indian SUV - Tata Safari. I would like to share my experience with you. Tata Safari is one of the best SUVs plying on Indian roads. Since the time the first generation Safari was launched the car is aggressively climbing the success ladder. Though it has never recorded sales worthy of record books, it still has a commanding road presence that makes heads turn its way. It has acquired a status of being the most powerful among Indian cars, and is still a source of pride for its owners.


Tata Safari is loaded with all new variant ultrasonic reverse guide system for easy parking, ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), and indicators on the outer rear view mirrors. It is the first car in India to come with the Reverse Guide System that uses a camera in the rear bumper and the internal rear view mirror as the screen.


Here is a summary of fetaures in Tata Safari. The exuberant dual tone exteriors, leather fabric combination seat, indicators on side view mirrors, and DVD/MP3 system with LCD screen make Tata Safari a dream machine.



Tata Safari has never been a top selling car. It has always remained more of a status symbol kind of a car. I don't think Tata Safari has that thinh to be a successful runner in Indian market. The previous engine of Tata Safari resulted in a sluggish drive, while the improved version in Dicor variant is a boon. However, Scorpio is comparatively more nimble and refined even with its older IDI-turbo engine.


Tata Safari is only a one mode car. Take it out on a city road and you will loose your patience for sure. Such embarrassing is the handling of Tata Safari in city traffic. Tata Safari is more of a highway car. You will surely regret taking it out on Indian city roads. Handling is very tough in city traffic.