Honda Civic Review

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Positives :

I am a ptoud oenwe of Honda Civic from last seven months. The Civic is the most stylish, high class and advanced technologically car in its segment. Excellent build quality and superb finish attracts the attention. The leather interiors and cabin give a feel of royal luxury. Best quality and comfort gives the passengers feel of an automobile of a higher class. I was amazed by Civic's look and it prompted me to go for this luxury sedan.


Honda Civic can be termed to be loaded with technology - the latest gadget and automatic transmission, Civic a modern age car. Besides this, other features are the sporty paddle shifters, ultra responsive brakes and involving steering response. The car handles superbly and throttle response is exceptional. Extra torque and power makes overtaking a breezy experience. The disc brakes are very effective and do not lose bite even with a heavy foot. Civic is a complete car and I will suggest the sedan lovers to go for this charming car.


Honda motors have set a benchmark in car design in Indian market. The latest Honda Civic is a learning lesson in the science of ergonomics. Comfortable seats make long drives a pleasure. The middle arm-rest is intelligently placed and the pedals are very well positioned. Steering is one of the best designed ever. Overall a complete package of performance, style and comfort. A must buy in mu opinion.



Honda Civic has a blunder mistake. The car has "S" rated tyres. The "S" rated tyre is only for cars that go up to 140 kmps whereas Civic is capable of doing 180 kms/hr. Such stupidity was not expected from Honda motors. Frankly, you are endangering your lives. Safety of riders seems to be compromised. A real disappointment from Honda.


Honda Civic has a major drawback in its designing. The car has many blind spots while driving especially when someone overtakes from behind and when reverse parking in a tight spot. Never dare to take Civic to a crowdy place or else you will end up in a fix. I went to my friends marriage and was not able to park my Hinda Civic for 15 minutes due to blind spots. There is a much needed necessity of parking sensors in Honda Civic.