3 Star Banquet Hall

If you are in search of the perfect 3 Star Banquet Hall for an upcoming event, then you are at the right place. Here at SurfIndia, you can find a wide list of reception areas in your budget. These halls are a great place to host any kind of event, from commercial events to personal functions. With lots of space and great hospitality, these places will definitely win the heart of all attendants.

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About 3 Star Banquet Hall

India is popular for its culture and heritage. Indians live to celebrate, and the fact is we celebrate every aspect of our life is a fact. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and many other events to the fullest but, the celebration of weddings and birth are normally huge. On these grand events, we invite everyone we knew, from family to friends and from colleagues to neighbors. To include everyone in our celebration, we need a big beautiful venue, and SurfIndia has mustered up a list of the top 3 Star Banquet Hall. You can rent these halls and allure your guest with a dazzling event.

Frequently Asked Question

Charges are taken by the 3-star banquet halls totally depend on the number of guests, kinds of foods/ cuisines served, setups, decorations, human resources required, duration of the function, alcohol, Dj's, etc. And the charges may vary from Rs 50000 to Rs 3 lakh.

Before booking any 3-star banquet halls, check out the following points for the best result:
  • Capacities of the hall
  • Interior
  • Food served
  • Kinds of setups
  • Parking spaces
  • Availability of green rooms
  • Amenities
  • Location
  • Dance floor

It may vary from venue to venue, some of the 3-star banquet halls allow alcohol consumption, and even they serve it or add it to the menu as per client need. And they have a separate smoking zone where the guests are allowed to have it. But some of the service providers restrict the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. So make it clear before booking them.

Yes, off-course, you can get a preview of the halls before booking the Banquet for any event. Just contact the associated service provider from our site, and the Manager of the Banquet will assist you by self without taking any extra charges.

Nowadays, many banquet halls offer various set up to make the event more trendy and fashionable. They use multiple kinds of setups to please their clients and gain more popularity in their field. Many service provider offers on theme-based events or according to the clients' demand.

Following are some setups offered by the Banquet halls:
  • Wedding stage
  • T-shaped
  • Setup
  • Theatre room
  • Lecturer room