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In India, everything is larger than life, from our birthday celebrations to our big fat weddings. We believe in celebrating life to the fullest, and especially when we have any occasion to celebrate, we try to make it grand, just for the sake of it. For grand events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other kind of parties, you will require space and different kinds of facilities which Banquet Hall can only provide in Chennai. So, if you have a occasion you like to celebrate, then check out the list of the best banquet hall below:

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Banquet Hall Services in Chennai

People in India like to live in large communities, due to which any celebration or occasion in the country is a grand affair. Other than celebrating normal events like birth and wedding anniversaries, people here like to celebrate festivals and other religious events; these festivities consist of large crowds gathered under one roof, eating types of foods, and socializing with each other. For such occasions, we need a professionally equipped place to arrange the same. Banquet halls are places that have ample space, facilities, and experience in hosting any or all kinds of events, and they can provide all these facilities at a budgeted price. But finding a reliable place is not an easy task so, to make your search easy, we have enlisted the best Banquet hall services in Chennai. One can explore the same and select the perfect place for their ceremony on the basis of location, price, ratings, and reviews.

Why choose Banquet Hall from SurfIndia

SurfIndia is an online directory that has enlisted the best service providers from all over India. One can simply explore the site and shortlist the businesses and choose the best one on the basis of cost, location, event type, reviews. Here are some advantages of hiring a banquet hall from SurfIndia:

  1. You can find the names of all the top-notch places in one place with their specification and shortlist the names of places that suit you.
  2. You can filter the places on the basis of location, so if you are trying to search banquet hall near me, this website is the right place for you.
  3. You can compare the prices and other facilities of different places, all listed in a readable format.
  4. Here you can also find the ratings and reviews given by previous customers, which should be checked critically before hiring the place.

Services provided by Banquets Halls

The Banquet Hall Chennai provides all types of services to the customers. To name a few:

Decorated space for the event: Banquet Hall is a space that has the perfect amount of glamour and glitz to make any event extraordinary.

Furnished space: You don’t need to buy or rent furniture to accommodate hundred or possibly thousands of guests present for the occasion.

Buffet or catering service: Food is a big part of any event, and it is something guests are looking forward to. These banquet halls make sure to provide finger-licking delicious food for the event.

DJ or music facility: What’s a party without songs and dance. DJ has a separate fan following in Indian events, so don’t forget the chief guest of the evening, I.e., “DJ wale babu.”

Clean and hygiene friendly: Hygiene is a big factor while selecting the place for your event. You know the value of clean restrooms when you can’t find one.

Banquet hall Charges in Chennai

If you are interested in finding an average Banquet hall cost in Chennai, then check out the table mentioned below:

Types Of Banquet Hall Guest 50 - 200 Guest 200 - 800 Guest 800 - 2000
Veg per Plate (Rs.)
Non-Veg per Plate (Rs.)
Veg per Plate (Rs.)
Non-Veg per Plate (Rs.)
Veg per Plate (Rs.)
Non-Veg per Plate (Rs.)
5 Star Banquet Hall
1500 - 2500
2000 - 3000
1500 - 2200
2000 - 2500
1500 - 2000
1800 - 2200
AC Banquet Hall
1000 - 1800
1500 - 2000
1000 - 1500
1300 - 1800
800 - 1200
1000 - 1500
Non-Ac Banquet Hall
500 - 1200
800 - 1500
500 - 1000
700 - 1000
500 - 1000
800 - 1200

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Wedding ceremonies
  2. Wedding receptions
  3. Birthday parties
  4. Bachelor or Bachelorette parties’
  5. Welcome home parties
  6. Anniversaries parties
  7. Corporate parties
  8. Family gatherings
  9. Festival events
  10. Community events
There are various services a Banquet hall offers, and here are some benefits:
  1. Ample of space for accommodation
  2. Glamorous decoration and design
  3. Free Internet facility
  4. Catering or buffet services
  5. Parking and valet services
  6. Hygienic Washrooms
  7. Music system or DJ
One should check the following things before hiring a banquet hall:
  1. Cost
  2. Cuisine
  3. Ambiance
  4. Interior design and decoration
  5. Capacity
  6. Music system
  7. Location

No, you do not have to pay an extra amount for the music band and DJs, as all the charges for these services are included in the main bill. But if the place you have selected does not provide the services, you might have to pay extra for hiring someone from outside.

Yes, It is pretty common practice for banquet halls to schedule more than one event on the same day.

Banquet Hall Services Near Chennai