AC Banquet Hall

Your decision to choose AC Banquet Hall will be very appreciated by your guests as the summer of India is famous for its scorching heat. You can’t start a new chapter of your life while sweating. So, AC hall is now more of a necessity than a luxury. SurfIndia has lots of venues to make your special occasion extraordinary. So, book the perfect venue and celebrate the lovely occasion by making it more happening.

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About AC Banquet Hall

We celebrate every point of our lives, from the birth of our child to the marriage of our grandchild. To celebrate the days of these big and small events, we need a venue; it should be someplace that is beautiful and comfortable. Finding the combination of beauty and comfort is a tough job, but to make it a little easier, SurfIndia has enlisted the top AC Banquet Hall so that you can enjoy the special occasion to the fullest. You can compare these venues on the basis of their prices, ratings, area, and other aspects and select the one that suits your purpose the most.

Frequently Asked Question

Generally, the holding capacity of the AC banquet halls varies from venue to venue. AC banquet halls accommodate peoples up to 70 to 700+. And according to the number of attendees, they take the rental charges.

The service provider takes rental charges depending on the number of people, facilities availed, kinds of cuisines served, and the function or event duration. The minimum rental charge of AC banquet halls for a day is approximately Rs. 10,000 and can go up to Rs. 1 lacs.

It completely depends on the venue you have chosen for the event. Please make sure the service provider is frank and all the services provided by them are transparent. If the function is to be celebrated in the day, you can select the temperature and use it according to the moment.

Generally, AC banquet halls have their own policies. Many Banquet-halls do not allow bringing extra music bands from outside. They may have limitations on their timings, some places may disallow liquor sourced from outside, others may have certain limitations on decoration, so kindly clear all the doubts and confusion before booking the hall for the hassle-less celebration.

Playing music in any event or special occasion depends on the location. Some venue allows playing until 11:00 PM, but some of the wedding palaces have put restrictions until 10:00 PM due to government guidelines.