Banquet Hall in Faridabad

Faridabad is the largest and one of the most populous cities in the Indian state of Haryana and it comes under the National Capital Region, popularly known as NCR. If you live in Faridabad and desire to celebrate your event with great excitement all while getting different facilities, then a Banquet hall can be the best option for you. Everyone wants the best place to celebrate their events, like weddings, ring ceremonies, corporate functions, family gatherings, etc. But getting a place with glitz and glamour in Faridabad seems a challenging task. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has enlisted many reliable and trustworthy agencies that offer Banquet Hall service in Faridabad. Visit the site and explore the agencies. Choose the best that fits right under your expectations.

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Banquet Hall Services in Faridabad

A banquet hall can be the best place to celebrate all your special events, either small or big. Banquet halls offer you all kinds of services like catering, interior decorations, parking spaces, etc. Being one of the largest cities in India, Faridabad has many service providers that offer banquet hall services. But in today’s fast-growing world, reliability matters the most. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has listed many companies that offer Banquet hall services in Faridabad. All the listed companies on the portal are genuine, reliable, and trustworthy. Also, all the service providers on the site have many years of serving experience and accomplished many projects. Choose the best, based on rating and previous customer reviews.

A Guide to choose best banquet hall in Faridabad

All of us want to find the best banquet hall in a budgeted price but the risk of trusting wrong people are always thereso, before choosing a Banquet hall for any function like birthday, anniversary or a big fat Indian wedding, here are some important points I.e., a simple yet practical guide to choose a best banquet hall in Faridabad:

1. Cost/ Budget~ The very first thing that clicks in our mind is budget, the cost for the services. A venue takes a small part of the budget but spending an amount on a suitable platform may increase the excitement and add extra flavors to the event. So,choose a place that suits your event and budget simultaneously.

2. Cuisines~ Make sure that the chosen banquet hall is offering different cuisines and beverages. And ask them about the minimum guests requirement. In many cases, a venue will charge you for the catering services for a minimum number of attendees if you do not invite that many. So, clear all your doubts before renting any banquet hall.

3. Ambience and mood~ Creating an environment that your audience finds appealing is essential in setting up an engaging function. Decorating any event is expensive, so it is good to choose one that already matches your themes to make it cost-effective.

4. Capacity and Accommodation area~ Every place has its limit, and it can accommodate a limited number of guests at a time. So make sure that your guests are not cramped. Choose the banquet hall that has ample space to host all of your attendees without any issue.

5. Availability of free Wi-Fi and Network Connection~ A strong internet connection throughout the banquet hall is essential these days. It might be possible that your attendees have to attend a call or check an important mail. Also, they post each moment on social media, and having a network issue might make your event boring. So, it is advisable for you to kindly ask the banquet hall manager about the network connection and availability of free Wi-Fi.

6. Ample Parking space~ Parking is one of the important points that you need to consider before renting a banquet hall. Your attendees need to park their vehicles, and not having enough parking space will become an issue. They will be scared of theft, and their focus will be on their car instead of the event. So, check the parking area properly and then go for booking.

7. Insurance policy~ Some banquet halls will not do business with you unless you have insurance. So, ask your service provider regarding all the insurance parts and get all for a trouble-free and successful event.

8. Music Band and DJs~ Music bands and DJs are the souls of the event. Music makes the event more exciting and adds more spice to the function. But a venue with poor acoustics is not a good choice. Low ceiling amplifies sounds, and the massive open area makes echoes, so go for a venue that offers you perfect balance.

9. Location~ Location is an essential aspect because it can affect who attends your event. If your banquet hall is too far and there are no transport facilities, then it might be possible that you would lose some of your guests. So, choose a better venue that is near the city and has many modes of transport. A little bit expensive but effective.

10. Extra services~ The chosen banquet hall may offer a service that you have never considered, but it can make an excellent addition to your event. So, presenting you some question that can be beneficial for you, kindly go through it:

  1. Is there a kitchen that you and your team can use?
  2. Are there any outdoor seating options?
  3. Does the banquet hall have any collaboration with catering service providers?
  4. Does the venue offer security?
  5. Are there sufficient audio and video capabilities?

Banquet hall Cost in Faridabad

If you are interested in finding an average Banquet hall cost in Faridabad, then you can figure out from the table mentioned below:
Types Of Banquet Hall Guest up-to 100 Guest up-to 500 Guest >500
Veg food
Non-Veg food
Veg food
Non-Veg food
Veg food
Non- Veg food
5 Star banquet
AC banquet
Non-Ac banquet

Frequently Asked Question

The basic difference between a catering and a banquet are given below~

Catering: Catering offers food service to special events located at remote sites such as birthdays, corporate parties, weddings, etc.

Banquet halls: Banquet halls are well designed and decorated places where you celebrate your event like marriage, anniversary, birthday party, etc.

There are various services a Banquet hall offers, and here are some benefits:
  • Larger space for accommodation
  • Availability of Wi-Fi
  • Superior quality of Foods and Beverages
  • Accommodation area
  • Ample space for parking
  • Washrooms
  • Music system/DJ floor
  • Smoking area
  • Bar

Most of the banquet offers bar services. But before booking any banquet, make sure that they provide the bar services or not. Some of the banquet halls charge an extra penny for the liquor facilities. And the benefits must be handled by professionals and skilled bartenders.

Yes, most of the places offer plenty of parking services but we would recommend you to discuss the issue with service provider before hiring them.

No, you do not have to pay an extra amount for the music band and DJs, as all the charges for these services are included in the main bill. But if the place you have selected does not provide the services then you might have to pay extra for hiring someone from outside.