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Mosquito is a massive problem in India, and they cause light to severe problems. Mostly these menacing creatures annoy us with their disturbing sounds and irritating sounds, but some the species of Mosquitoes can cause serious health issues as well. SurfIndia has a comprehensive list of companies that will help you remove these dangerous beings.

About Mosquito Control

If you are lucky, mosquito bites will cause itching and rashes, but it's not the only thing mosquitoes leave behind. Mosquitoes can cause dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and other diseases. They are not the only threat to your health but also your life as they have caused more than 1 million deaths all over the world. So, to ensure your safety and your family's safety, one needs to hire the best mosquito control service providers. You can find the professionals who provide the best services in your location listed on SurfIndia. So, explore the pest control companies, compare their prices and reviews, and choose the one that suits your need.

Guide to Hiring Best Mosquito Control Services in India

Everyone must have had the unpleasant experience of a mosquito bite. It causes skin irritation resulting in tiny red bumps. Mosquitoes are very irritating bugs that are very hard to get rid of, and even if you do, they come back again. Keeping these pesky bugs away from your home is very important as mosquitoes are carriers of various harmful diseases such as Dengue, Zika virus, Malaria, etc. Mosquitoes affect us human beings and pets such as dogs, domestic animals like horses, etc., by spreading various diseases like heartworms, equine encephalitis, etc. So, you take measures to keep these bugs at bay by implementing some useful mosquito control remedies at home or calling professional pest control services in India. They are professionals in eliminating pests and use herbal, eco-friendly, and safe chemicals for mosquito control.

When you are frustrated by the mosquito problem in your home, you can follow some home remedies to get some relief from them or, even better, hire pest exterminators for mosquito control for residential or commercial property. One of the best places to find reliable and professional mosquito control services is Here you can get free quotes for companies offering mosquito control in Hyderabad, Cochin, Jaipur, and various other cities. Not only that, but we also offer top pest exterminator companies for termite treatment, rodent control, bed bugs, etc.

Mosquito Control Prices in India

When you face a recurring mosquito infestation and want a quick and effective solution in your home or office, you can consider hiring professional pest control companies for mosquito extermination. Given below are the estimated rates which they charge:

House/Office Estimated Rates
Rs. 400 to Rs. 600
Rs. 650 to Rs. 900
3/4 BHK
Rs. 950 to Rs. 1,000
Small/ medium office
Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 2,000

Reasons for Mosquito Infestation in Your Home

If you have a recurring mosquito infestation problem, you must be thinking about its reasons. Have a look below:

  • Stagnant water – One of the major reasons that cause an increase in mosquitoes flocking your home or office workplace stagnant water in or around the area. Mosquitoes, like every other living creature, need water to survive. They make regular visits near any water body to get oxygen. They also lay their eggs in water, and the young mosquitoes find their food source from the stagnant water.

  • Poor plant management – Another common reason for having a mosquito infestation in your home could be poor management of plants. If you overwater your water, you’ll leave a puddle of water in the plant pot, which will attract the mosquitoes.

  • Weather – Weather also plays a key role in the infestation of these pesky bugs. Mosquitoes thrive in warm and rainy seasons, and this is why you must have noticed a lot of these bugs around your home from March to October.

How to Control Mosquitoes At Home Using DIY Remedies

If the mosquito infestation at your home or workplace is very mild, you can follow these DIY mosquito control methods to get rid of them instantly. However, if the infestation persists, it is best to call professional pest control service companies for mosquito treatment.

  • Mosquito repelling plants – Did you know that certain plants repel the mosquitoes? Plants such as Citronella, Catnip, Lavender, or Marigold can help you ward off mosquitoes. You can keep any of these plants around your house, roof or near windows.

  • Coffee – As you know, stagnant water is one of the key reasons mosquitoes enter your home. So, if you see any stagnant water puddle around your home or on the terrace, you can add some coffee grounds to it to prevent the mosquitoes from laying eggs.

  • Garlic – Garlic is one of the most effective DIY mosquito control methods ingredients that can be found in almost all kitchens. You can use crushed garlic and sprinkle it in the corners of your house to get rid of mosquitoes as they despise its odor.

  • Tulsi – Holy basil or Tulsi is another effective mosquito treatment as they also hate the smell of this plant. So, surround your house and window sills with Tulsi to keep these insects at bay. You can also use Tulsi to treat mosquito bites.

How to Hire Mosquito Control Services in India?

Hiring professional exterminators for mosquito treatment is highly recommended, especially if the infestation is out of hand. It would help if you had a professional’s expertise to ensure that your home is free from mosquitoes and other bugs. If you are going to hire pest control services in India, you may get confused with the number of options in the market. Some companies may not be very professional, and some may not use safe chemicals; what to do? You can trust us at Surf India. We will help you find the best mosquito control service in PAN India. Here is how you can hire our pest control services:

  • Fill out the inquiry form on our website by entering details like your name, email, address, and type of service.
  • Our verified registered pest control companies will contact you, and you can ask about mosquito treatment, prices, and other queries. You can then book an appointment.
  • Our mosquito control professional will conduct a free inspection and create a plan to tackle the infestation.
  • The companies will also give you quotes, and you can choose one based on your needs.

Benefits of Hiring Our Proficient Mosquito Control Services

You get numerous benefits if you decide to hire Surfindia’stop pest control services in India for mosquito treatment or extermination of other pests. Below are all the advantages:

1. Right tools and equipment - Our professional mosquito control service providers use the apt tools and equipment needed to treat any infestation levels in residential or commercial areas. They also use safe and environmentally friendly chemicals for mosquito control.

2. Quick resolution – When you face a mosquito, bedbug, ant, or any pest infestation, our experienced pest control specialists will quickly identify its cause. They will use the suitable elimination methods such as mosquito control fogging, insecticides spray, etc.

3. Instant quotes – You can obtain quotes and contact the mosquito control companies very quickly on our portal. You only need to share your details, and our team will connect you with the top pest control service providers in India who offer quality services at competitive prices.

4. Customer support – If you have any questions or face any issues regarding the quotes or services related to the service provider, you can reach out to our customer care team, which consists of very responsive staff who are always aiming to offer solutions as soon as possible.

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