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Kriti Awasthi 15 January 2022

Top 10 Qualities of Good Pest Control Companies

With an increase in the population of pests like bugs, cockroaches, mice, termites, etc. across the globe, pest control has become an emerging business worldwide. There are thousands of pest control companies in the market but finding the best one is a tricky job.Deciding a criterion...

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Kriti Awasthi 22 May 2021

Checklist for Pest Control in Summer: Keep the Unwanted guests house out of House

Summer is all about happiness and sunny weather. The summer vacation brings not only fun but also many pests. We open the doors to our houses to bring the cool breeze into our homes in hot summer but with breeze comes mosquitoes...

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Kriti Awasthi 21 May 2021

5 Important Do’s & Don’ts for Pest Control & Management at Home!!

As per the research, approximately 700 million people get hospitalized because of the diseases caused by mosquitoes and termites. If the house is left unchecked with mosquitoes and pests, it will cause several harmful and severe health...

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The First Logistic Services operates in the Kolkata.
The First Logistic Services provides many services like Pest Control Device, Pest Control Spray, Rodent/Mice/Rat Control, Ultra Pest Control, etc.
The First Logistic Services operates between Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM. The Sundays are usually off here.
The First Logistic Services accepts various modes of payments like cash, cards, online payment, UPI, etc.
Yes, First Logistic Services is taking precautions against COVID-19.

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