Hotels & Resort in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, also called Manchester of India, is a popular tourist site. Many people visit Ahmedabad to see the attractive places located there. If you plan a trip to Ahmedabad and looking for a reliable site to book your Hotel or Resort, then you are at the right place. SurfIndia has listed some of the highly-rated hotels and resorts that will make your journey more exciting. You can get your hotels booked at a minimal price at the comfort of your home and also get money-saving offers for your reservation in hotels & resorts in Ahmedabad.

Hotels & Resort services in Ahmedabad

SurfIndia has enlisted the top-ranking hotels & resort with luxurious facilities to make your trip a memorable journey. Enjoy your vacations with your loved ones in the fanciest hotels and resorts services in Ahmedabad. Select the Hotel that is suitable according to your budget through SurfIndia and get a safe and comfortable trip to any part of India. There are many online choices, but you cannot rely on them; you may find that the services delivered are not as per your expectation after the payment. SurfIndia has registered only reliable hotels and resorts so that any fraud cannot spoil your journey.

Pre-travel checklist

1. Advanced booking for at least the first day- When you reach the place for the first time, it will be a struggle to find a suitable hotel, so it is better to book an online Hotel at least for the first day so that you can explore the place and change your Hotel if you want.

2. Check the weather of the destination- You should always check the weather of a place before planning a trip because if the weather is not suitable, your plan will be spoiled. Avoid visiting the site during extreme summers or rainy seasons.

3. Don't forget the essential items- Pack your phone, charger, towel, medications, earphones, wallet, or other necessary items.

4. Charge your phone- Before leaving for a new place, make sure that your phone is fully charged. If you are carrying any other electronic item, charge them fully.

5. Keep some food items with you- Many people don't like the outside food or are allergic to it. So keep small snacks with you that you can have until you get the restaurant of your choice.

6. Carry extra cards- Make sure you have sufficient money for the trip. Carry an additional credit or debit card with you. Also, don't forget to keep a little amount of extra cash on hand.

Why choose hotels & resorts from SurfIndia?

SurfIndia is a trustable online portal with a listing of hotels and resorts certified by the government. The hotels consist of experienced staff that is always prompt to solve the customers' issues and deliver superior quality service. If you want to cherish your vacation in a hassle-free manner, you can contact the firms and get your hotel book with just a few clicks. The hotels and resorts listed are top-notch service providers ranging from low price stay hotels to luxurious hotels with a fancy interior. You can get any hotel as per your requirement and budget.

Tourist attraction in Ahmedabad

Here is a list of the top tourist destination in Ahmedabad-

  • Sabarmati Ashram
  • Ahmedabad One Mall
  • ISKON temple
  • Hathee Singh Jain Temple
  • Lothal
  • Swaminarayan temple
  • Auto world vintage car museum
  • Kankaria lake
  • Dada Hari ni vav

Hotels & Resort charges in Ahmedabad

The charges of Hotel & resorts in Ahmedabad are as follows:

Persons Budget Hotels (Rs.) Luxury Hotels (Rs.) Resorts (Rs.)
Room for one person
400 - 1000
1000 - 4000
1500 - 4000
Room for Couple
500 -1500
1500 - 6000
2300 - 5000
Room for family of four
900 - 5000
4000 - 10000
4000 - 9000

Frequently Asked Question

The following are the places where you can get the best hotels in Ahmedabad-
  • Bokadev
  • Prahlad Nagar
  • Thaltej
  • Ambawadi
  • Satellite

You can visit Ahmedabad in winters (November to February) as the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy the city to its fullest. Monsoon is also a great time for the visit from June to October, but don't forget to bring an umbrella for the trip.

If you want to try the street food in Ahmedabad, the following can be the best option for you-
  • Khakhra
  • Dhokla
  • Kulfi
  • Dal vada
  • Maska bun
  • Momos

The best place to enjoy the nights in Ahmedabad are- Manek Chowk, Sphere Lounge, Busker's corner, rewind the disc, escape discotheque.

Hotels and Resorts Services Near Ahmedabad

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