Hotels and Resorts in Chennai

Chennai is a city that can quench the thirst of any wanderluster. The city possesses the beauty of everything from traditional cultural sights to modern trendy places, from man-made architectures to natural, tranquil beaches. The city has a quality that pulls the tourists towards itself. Chennai observes a large number of travelers every year, and all these travelers are searching for the best hotel and resorts in Chennai. The tourists demand the best of everything. They expect the comfort of home and the luxury of the palace. To fulfill all their demands we have enlisted the best places that accommodate the tourists. So, if you’re also one of those people who are in search of a home away from home, then check out the list below:

Hotels and Resorts Services in Chennai

The main goal of the website SurfIndia is to connect the customers with service providers. To achieve its goal, we have searched the finest hotels and resorts services in Chennai and listed the same on the website. Now, the vacationers can visit the website and shortlist the hotels that suit their requirements. The explorer should compare the shortlisted hotels on the basis of price, location, facilities, amenities, hygiene, ratings, and reviews. One can also directly contact the hotel and book the same in advance. So, book the hotel to offer you the best experience and make your trip more exciting and more happening.

Services provided by Hotels and Resorts

The hotels and resorts in Chennai provide lots of services. The quality and quantity of services depend on the price you are paying for the room.

Few of the services provided are:

Parking and Valet services- In the era where road trips are pretty common, people are in search of a hotel or resort that provides safe parking in the hotel, and valet service is always a pro.

Concierge- Guests will need assistance, and that is where the concierge enters the picture. They will pick up your luggage and deliver you and your stuff to your room.

Room service- First thing in the morning, we will require bed tea, and after a long day of traveling, we will require in-room dining options. The hotels provide room service for these occasions specifically.

Fine Dining services- Why should we leave premises if your accommodation is providing you with delicious food options.

Fitness center and swimming pool- Even on occasions, your body demands activity so, give your body the exercise it demands with a Fitness center and swimming pools in the hotel.

Internet service- The Internet is an essential part of our daily lives now, but we need a good internet connection to upload all those pretty pictures on social media on vacation.

Laundry services- Laundry is a chore that we don't like to do at home forget about doing laundry on vacation. So, it's a good thing many hotels and resorts provide laundry service.

Travel assistance- We all need some assistance in a new place. These travel assistance people will help you in planning your vacation in an effective way.

Hotels and Resorts Charges in Chennai

The per night charges of Hotel in Chennai are as follows:

Persons Budget Hotels (Rs.) Luxury Hotels (Rs.) Resorts (Rs.)
Room for one person
500 - 1500
1500 - 3500
3000 - 4000
Room for Couple
1000 -3000
3000 - 7000
5000 - 10000
Room for family of four
2000 - 5000
4000 - 9000
10000 - 12000
Room for a group of Ten
7000 -15000
15,000 - 40,000
30,000 - 60,000

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