Hotels and Resorts in Delhi & NCR

Delhi, being India’s capital, has always been a tourist attraction. It entertains millions of people every year, and all the people visiting the capital always search for Hotels and restaurants in Delhi & NCR that provide satisfactory services. The tourists need some accommodation options that offer luxurious options in your allocated budget. To help you in finding the best place to stay in Delhi, we have enlisted the many top-rated hotels and resorts. So, explore the list given below:

Hotels and Resorts Services in Delhi & NCR

When it comes to choosing the accommodation, everyone expects the best as we all are spoiled with lots of choices on a different budget. In cities like Delhi and NCR, where luxury is unlimited, people want the best of everything. To make sure they are getting what they want, the SurfIndia has scouted and found the best hotels and resorts services in Delhi and NCR. Create the memories and live the best days of your life with a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Checklist before Booking a Hotel or resort

A hotel can make or break your vacation. It’s a place which decide what your mood is going to be on the said trip, so to make sure to create good memories, make sure to check these things before booking the hotel or resort:

1. Budget: First, make sure to allocate an affordable budget for the hotel or resort; only then can you raise your expectations. You need to make sure to expect facility as per your budget; for example, a medium budget hotel would not be able to provide high-end services like a swimming pool or in-house gym.

2. Reviews: Check the rating and reviews given by the previous customer, and we would recommend selecting the hotel which has at least three stars in ratings. You can compare the rating of various hotels and resorts and book the best one.

3. Location: Before finalizing the hotel, check if the same is located in the central location of the city where the connectivity is good. You can take the help of google maps to find the city’s prime location, and don’t forget to check if the area where the hotel is located is secured enough.

4. Facilities: Check out the facilities given by the hotel or resort of yours and then compare the same with the facilities of another hotel in the same price range. Make sure to keep the realistic expectation from the hotel, and if a hotel is giving more services than your budget can buy, then it might be a trap.

5. Hygiene: Hygiene has always been a big issue, but after Covid-19, people have been especially careful about the hygiene of their new home. You can ask as many questions as you like about the cleanliness practice of the property. So, ensure the hotel or resort Delhi is fully sanitized and clean as per your standards.

6. Connectivity: Check if the hotel is easily accessible by public transport. Check the distance of the hotel from the airport, train station, or bus stand. Also, check the location of the closest taxi stand and the distance of the market.

Hotels and Resorts Charges in Delhi & NCR

The charges of Hotel in Delhi and NCR are as follows-

Persons Budget Hotels (Rs.) Luxury Hotels (Rs.) Resorts (Rs.)
Room for one person
500 - 1500
2000 - 5000
3000 - 5000
Room for Couple
1000 -2500
3000 - 7000
5000 - 7000
Room for family of four
2000 - 3000
5000 - 10000
7000 - 10000

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Hotels and Resorts Services Near Delhi

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